Status of Sociology

Status of Sociology

Lees consider three notable sociologists and methodologists to broaden our understanding of “scientific” and current standing of the debate. Natural science includes: physics, biology, chemistry and etc. Something that all of natural sciences have in common are that their theories and findings can be explained systematically and easily calculated; through mathematical calculations and experiments, unknown can be answered and explained. Though, time required to produce answers can be unpredictable, but they can be explained.

Because society has so many variables, it is hard for sociologists to write laws explain phenomena that occur. Postman’s understanding of scientific is that “science is the quest to find the immutable and universal laws that govern processes, and does so on the assumption that there are cause-and-effect relations among these processes,” natural scientists assume that everything in the universe has cause-and-effect, Postman says that sociology is not similar to natural science, because society has too much variables and human emotions can not be measured and calculated.

Human cannot be written as laws such as Newton’s law of gravity or Einstein law of energy. Postman references Steakhouse, about the difference between blinking and winking. “A blink can be classified as a process, meaning it has physiological causes which can be understood and explained within the context of established postulates and theories; but a wink must be classified as a practice, filled with personal and to some extent unknowable meaning and, in any case, quite impossible to explain or predict in terms of causal relations. For sociology to be labeled as “scientific” there must be relationship between actions and inactions, certain thinks can be explained due to biology, but certain thinks as Postman mentions, falling in love cannot be explained and also winking cannot be explained by any laws. Every individual has different motive and emotions that causes such events to occur, which science cannot prove, why certain actions and feelings occur and others do not. Postman’s explanation of science can be seen as “there must be cause-and-effect” to label any field of study as scientific.

There are others that voices disagreement with Postman’s definition of scientific. Meaning Of scientific varies between sociologist and methodologists, Where mom, like Postman, understands that, to be scientific it much has cause-and- effect, if certain elements can not be explained and produce finding as laws, it is excluded from being scientific. However, Jim Amaze believes otherwise. He doesn’t exclude sociology from science, but he believes that sociology lacks to be called science. Mainz’s understanding of scientific includes extensive field- testing and experiments, which he mentions that for sociology it is very difficult to do.

Social testing takes very long and to have perfect control group s hard to find, it is difficult for sociologist to experiment or implement tests in the society. Amazing emphasizes that there must be experiments to show some “cause-and-effect”, because some social theories can be field-test to show cause-and-effect, he states that sociology cannot entirely be excluded being scientific, even though he is skeptical if sociology is hundred percent scientific. If Amazing was uncertain about whether or not sociology is scientific, Duncan Watts firmly believes that sociology should be included as scientific.

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