Sociology TermPaper

Sociology TermPaper

The study covers topics such as society origins, development, organization, and institutions. It is important to understand the way society functions in order to formulate wise decisions for the development of the society of the future. To prove this point will discuss two insights Dry. Louis Squalid discusses in his book The Italian American Experience. These insights are the ideas that things are not what they appear to be and the idea that sociology can help people be more realistic about what is possible in society.

The first insight has to do with the idea that things are not what they appear to be. Throughout Dry. Casualties book, there several instance in which an dead, or better yet a stereotype is incorrectly formed about a group of people in society. These ideas usually result in the formation of inaccurate preconceptions about that said group. Such is the example seen in the first chapter where southern Italy is mislabel as the burden that the northern part of Italy is said to have to carry. Sociologists strive to prove these ideas obsolete and help people realize what things really are.

Such is the case in through the book where sociologist or writers disprove an incorrect idea with thorough research and studies. A clear example of this can be seen when Beefiness’s theory on Italian’s mistrust of people outside their immediate family was not only disproved by Gambling but it offered a better explanation of the Italian family values. The second insight that will be discussed in this paper is the idea that sociology can help people be more realistic about what is possible in society.

This is the most valuable of sociology’, the study of society and the creation of theories that can help people gauge what is possible in society. I believe that politicians should adopt this insight of sociology more often. Politics function on promises, some of these promises are made on empty foundations, to attract votes, and others have to potential to work. If sociology interacted more with politics we would see less laws that target on social group as a result of a stereotype.

There would be less laws that prohibit entry of members of a specific background, such as the laws adopted in border states, such as Arizona. The integration of sociology would allow lawmakers to identify the problem of the high demand of low wage jobs that American citizens refuse to OCCUPY and if without the labor base of reign workers, these jobs, which are integral to the American economy, would go unoccupied. Common misconceptions result in the fear among American citizens that foreigners arrive with the sole intent to steal their current jobs.

With the examples that Dry. Casualties book The Italian American Experience provides, the aforementioned insights will be exemplified. The first chapter of Louis Casualties The Italian American Experience greatly exemplifies the sociological insight that suggests things are not what they appear to be. The chapter disproves the misconception that the southern egging of Italy, historically labeled as the slack that the industrialized northern region of Italy is burdened with to pick up.

Antonio Grammar’s essay The Southern Question provides evidence to back the argument that the southern region of Italy provides valuable resources that allowed for the economic growth of northern Italy. Grammas argues that the southern part of Italy provided people to fill the labor force that helped the north in its industrial pursuits. Grammas also mentions that the Italian immigrants originating from the southern region of Italy, provided capital for the Italian government in arm of buying up bonds. These bonds allowed the Italian government invest in the North’s industries.

These two facts that Grammas raises in his essay disproves the idea that the southern part of Italy has historically been a burden upon the industrialized north. Grammas proposes the possibility that both the northern and southern parts of Italy have benefited from each other, as a result proving that things are not what they appear to be. One should delve deeper than the initial surface of an issue in order to understand a topic. Bandied failed to penetrate the social surface when including that Southern Italians mistrusted those who they were not related to.

As a result of the characterizations made as a result of Beefiness’s study, stereotypes were formed concerning Italian- Americans and Italians. Bandied formed the idea that Italians did not value family unity, they were linked instead with “amoral families”, which is the mistrust of anyone outside the nuclear family. Since the publication of Beefiness’s report The Moral Basis Of a Backward Society, there have been both may writers and sociologist who have both agreed and disagreed with his theory.

In his article “America’s Most Tolerated Intolerance: Bigotry against Italian American”, Richard Gambling not only proves Beefiness’s theory wrong, but insist that in order to understand the social patterns of any society ethnic group, one must research social and economic factors not pertaining to the nuclear family. Gambling also explained, “the family system of Southern Italy was one of extended families. These extended families were linked beyond blood both by arranged marriages and by a system of godparents that developed into and elaborate network or a community system. Peg. 6) Bandied was also attacked for the lack of accuracy of Beefiness’s research. “These critics took the position that value could not be regarded as a cause or satisfactory explanation of behavior. ” (Peg. 6) The critics Of Barricade’s work instead believed that, “Southern Italian culture was not the cause of its poverty, but was on the contrary a consequence and a means of adapting to it. ” (Peg. 6) Chapter five exemplifies then insight that states the idea that sociology can help people be more realistic about what is possible in society. This chapter talks about how Italian

Americans are inaccurately portrayed as negative characters in the movies and television shows. Sociologist conducted both studies of people who were exposed to these generalizations and the movies themselves. The most common role Italian Americans took within the movies was those of gangsters and members of the mafia. According to studies conducted it turns out that Italian Americans were used to portray the role of members of organized crime. The two reasons for this happening were, “First, the media finds Italian American organized crime stories profitable.

Second, some politicians, especially when their opponent is Italian American, find associating Italian Americans with organized crime useful for winning votes. ” (Peg. 29) The solution that sociology provides to this generalization is to, ” think of organized crime as a business that provides illegal goods and services, rather than an Italian or alien conspiracy. It needs to be recognized that organized crime is able to flourish primary because if the high demand for goods and services (for instance, drugs) that have been designated as illegal. ” (Peg. ) There are more recommendations that provide a way for sociology to revert the negative effects of negative connotations linked with a certain group of people. According to R. A. Cupola’s Effeminate: The Truth about Organized Crime and Carol Chicago Illusions’ study, “The Only Real Indian is the Stereotyped Indian”. This joint study calls for the reduction of negative stereotyping through the establishment and supporting of programs at both state and privately funded educational institutions. In summary sociology is an important factor, which seeks to modify society in a positive way.

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