Sociology drew

Sociology drew

What was the US estate tax (see up. 74-275 for a summary) and how id it try to resolve the problem of inequality? Include in your response a discussion on the type of equality that the estate tax tried to achieve. Estate tax is a tax in which people can send down their assets to next generations. It is also something to make sure that people are getting taxed to their certain class. Estate tax can also be known as the death tax because when you die you can transfer money and other assets to future generation. Estate tax is trying to resolve the problem of inequality of the classes.

It is said to put more f the tax on to the richer and ones who have the money. By doing this it can slowly start to balance out the classes on have the poor not be as poor but also it makes the rich not as rich, but still wealthier than others. Some people even upper class people agree with this like Bill Gates and George Sorts. Sorts believes that if this tax went away all the taxes would be pushed down to the lower classes. In which would make the rich, richer and poor, poorer. 2. Whereas Vilified Parent sees a benefit in having power centralized in a large, otherwise ungovernable society, for C.

Wright Mills such a system hurts democracy by consolidating the power to make major decisions into the hand (and interests) of the few (Conley, 2013, p. 257). How does “The Power Elite” by C. Wright Mills help explain the repeal of the 2010 estate tax? C. Wright Mills, Power Elite was the dominate group. The dominate group had more consequences. In that saying the dominate group being the richer had a greater consequences in so called taxes. This is like the estate tax because the estate tax is where the richer or dominate group got more taxes to help balance the US in their classes.

In 201 0 there was a change that helped American families such as farmers so they wouldn’t be put into that classes who got taxed more. Mills puts the dominate in three groups which are the military, economic, and political. Which is saying that three groups are the dominate in their own situation like the military more likely receives the taxes to help pay for themselves and things to protect us. For as the economic and political class is all based on the job and value of the job so they can be located into a class.

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