Sociology within the matrix

Sociology within the matrix

The root of sociology is making a decision that can result in a lesson; a lesson that can e terrible and magnificent. Neo makes a lot of decision throughout the movie, each with its own lesson. Depending on how you look at this movie there are two primary forms of social interaction. The first exists to those inside the Matrix solely within the mind of the humanity. There is no real physical social interaction as we would interact with other members Of society like our family or friends. The second occurs in a very physical social interaction between characters that have escaped the Matrix and interact against the Matrix.

The origin of the story began years ago; humans developed Artificial Intelligence but lost control of it. In desperation, humans chose to create a nuclear winter, thinking that blocking out the sun, they could eliminate the solar power the robots needed to survive. But the robots adapted, and now they run the ravaged world and harvest humans for volumetric food, energy. The Matrix was then developed by Robots in order to consume control over the humans. The Matrix IS a computer-generated dream world designed to keep the humans under control. The humans were kept sedated, effectively living a cybernetic life.

The Matrix is a highly advanced industrial, technical society, from a functionalists perspective it is a giggly efficient, stable, and orderly society. Its existence depends on the energy gained from human brain functions which send electrical pulses throughout our body and creates thermal discharges. The Matrix manufactures humans, programs their reality, adds or removes stimulation as needed to generate brain functions, and recycles humans when they are all used up or burnt out. The matrix develops the human social behavior; therefore once you enter the matrix your actions and decision making skills are under control.

The movie begins with a traced called, the overhead voices ever the phone are discussing rather or not ‘the One” has been found. Policemen then enter the hotel room only to interrupt the call and find trinity, a leather-clad, renegade computer hacker. Trinity then fights off the men using with gravity defying gung-If moves. Reinforcements then arrive in form of agents and try to capture her. They began to rampage through a nameless city; thus revealing they are more than humans. They had the ability no human had; they could take massive jumps, almost as though they were flying.

The chase ends when trinity enters into a phone booth only to answer a call and disappear. The Agents were disappointed that they couldn’t get Trinity but not to disappoint to give up, they moved to their next target, Neo. Little does Neo know, his adapted lifestyle is about to be changed forever. Neo is asleep at his computer desk when he receives a message from an unknown source. Just as Neo client was knocking on the door, he began to read the message, which stated “follow the white rabbit. ” Neo didn’t understand the message so he got up to the answer the door.

While delivering his goods to the client, illegal software, he notices a rabbit tattooed on the shoulder of his client’s girlfriend. Taking full heed to the message, he follows them to a techno Goth club. Once inside Trinity approaches Neo. Although Neo doesn’t know Trinity, she explains that she knows all about him. She knows that he has been searching for matrix and is curious to find out what it is. Unfortunately before trinity could take him off, the ringing of his alarm clock awoke him. Late for work, Neo hurriedly gets dressed and leaves for work, once at work he receives a package from Fed Ex.

Inside the box Neo grabs the phone which rings immediately. A man identifies himself as Morpheme. While on the phone, Morpheme tells Neo that agents are after him ND, directing him by cell phone, Morpheme helps Neo dodge through the labyrinth and cubicles in his office and escape to a ledge outside. Neo wasn’t brave enough to cross the ledge, so there he was captured by agents. Once the agents captured him they took him in for interrogation. Neo steady demands that they let him; tired of hearing him talk, the lead Agent, Smith, magically sealed his lips shut.

Afterwards the agents held Neo and inserted a small metallic device into his stomach. Neo awakens at home to a phone call from Morpheme who explains his belief that Neo is “the One” he’s been searching for his whole life. Neo, interested in learning more agree to meet Morpheme late on that night. Trinity along with two other renegades, APPC and Switch, pick Neo up under a bridge. Once in car, Trinity removes the “bug’ from neo stomach. Neo sat shocked for he had just realized that everything is real including the previous episode he had with Agent Smith.

As explained early the matrix is a dream world where humans are living a cybernetic life. In the Matrix human forms are designed or mechanically operated to do more than what an average can do. The development of this human society has a lot to do the trial and error and beliefs. It wasn’t always set up the way it was when Neo entered, and Neo will learn all about that as he develops and face new missions to save the humanity. Morpheme tells Neo that has always been a slave and how he, Morpheme, is willing to explain the matrix to him.

Morpheme gives Neo two pills, a red one and a blue one. He can’t take both of them, but it’s his decision on which one he’d rather take. The blue pill would make him return home in his bed and he wouldn’t remember anything but the red pill would allow him to see the truth. Neo has always been curious of the matrix therefore he chooses the red pill, peeing up a world that only exist to him in his sleep. By taking the pill Neo was accepted to some as “the One” and began his training. Developing a sociological imagination is much like making the decision to take the red pill. It’s scary.

Most of us lived life with the belief that things are what they seem and because of this we don’t question the status quo. Throughout your entire life your individual actions and choices are heavily influenced by the people and institutions around you. After taking the red pill and completing his training, Neo is tested on his gung-If. Morpheme then plugs Neo into a test aerogram where Neo must leap from the top of one skyscraper to another. Neo fails to clear the jump, but he comes out of the program with a busted lip. He then learns that the program is virtual, his mind itself is real, and it affects his body.

In other words, Neo can die in the matrix although it’s not real. The agents in the matrix can transform themselves into anyone at any given time. Therefore, no matter how innocuous he or she seems, every person in the matrix is a potential enemy. After Morpheme explains the agents ability to Neo and how they have never been defeated, Neo knows if he entities and go through with remaining the chosen one he will have to face them. On this journey Neo will make some great decisions and he will make some terrible decision, but his decisions help develop the sociology imagination Of the story.

Neo still has trouble understanding how he is “the One” he feels as though it could have been anyone. Neo is relieved when Morpheme takes him to see the Oracle who is supposed to be the oldest and wisest among them, an ageism that all old people are wise and should be revered and sought after for guidance. She tells Neo “what he needs to hear”; confirming Neon’s belief hat he is just a man not the savior of mankind. She explains that soon he will make a choice between his life and Morpheme’s life. She also tells him that Morpheme is willing to risk his life just to save his.

It is there that neo realizes that the agents have set a trap with the help of Cipher. Cipher is a person who was previously freed from the Matrix. He is jealous Of Neo, jealous Of the bonds he quickly forms with the crew, and especially of the fondness growing between Neo and Trinity. He betrays humanity because he cannot have what he wants in the real physical world. He strikes a deal with agents of the Matrix to hand over the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar so they can find Zion and destroy the last human society in exchange for reintegration into the matrix.

He wants all his memories of real life to be erased and a successful life filled with money, women, and bliss to be programmed in its stead. He wants to live in the Matrix’s ideal society completely unaware. Neo and Morpheme leave Oracle only to get ambushed by the agents. Morpheme makes a decision that will bind him into a tightly situation, but he feel as though the decision was right in order to save humanity. Morpheme stales so e and other can get away, only allowing his self to come in contact with Agent Smith.

There in the bathroom they battle it out, but a host Of officers eventually overpower Morpheme and capture him. Once Morpheme is there he is took in for interrogation, where he is hooked up to electrodes and given drugs. Smith hopes this will make Morpheme reveal Zion’s access codes, but Morpheme remains silent. Morpheme lesson of this decision is honor, if he died he was die gone die with the honor of protecting Zion. The Matrix is written from a conflict perspective in that it is man against machine. The Matrix and humanity are different distinct groups in a constant struggle for control.

The people of Zion are a counterculture that rejects the society formed by the Matrix and struggle to free the rest of humanity and to maintain their existence. Knowledge and skills are directly programmed into the brain when needed not attained by years growing, ageing, and learning in schools. It could be argued that since the Matrix controls all humanities learning, interactions, and culture that it also created the beginnings of this conflict or the desire to conflict. It could also be said that the Matrix was inflicted between its own self-existence and being the protector of humanity.

Back on the Nebuchadnezzar, a ship, Tank and trinity insist on pulling Morpheme plug in order to protect Zion. Neo thinks back to what the Oracle says and stops them from doing so. Neo begins to have faith himself and believes he can save Morpheme. The ideology of this event is that although Morpheme and Neo know that can lose their life in the Matrix, they still try to protect Zion and each other. It isn’t until he is faced with an impossible situation that the Oracle also foretold does he face his fears and begin to believe. His doubts begin to fade as he faces the enemy agents of the Matrix with the aid of Trinity.

He is able to perform several seemingly impossible feats and when faced with death manages to triumphs over it. Neo is killed while tying to save Morpheme. The validation of his existence and his role in life is given to him in a whisper of hope from Trinity. The Oracle had foretold she would fall in love with the one to free humanity and she was in love with him. The combined beliefs of Trinity, Morpheme, and the Oracle made him believe in himself in a self-fulfilling prophecy; thus the event lead to him actually becoming ‘the One. ”

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