Sociology Stranger Paper

Sociology Stranger Paper

In the other two classes I have with her she has friends in the class. In these classes she does not listen to seating charts and sits with her friends, even though she has been told not to multiple times. She also talks constantly with her friends during class instruction. This shows her lack of respect for adults and little interest in school. This tells me that she is concerned with what other people think and is scared to look idiotic in front of her peers. She is in leadership as well and mess to be very happy to be a part of it when she proudly wears her red polo.

I see the red polo as a sign of social conformity in the high school setting, informing everyone that they are part of the group. She feels the need to fit into a group of people and does not want to standout from her peers. I have yet to see her wear athletic clothes. She is always in a well put together outfit of mainly differentiates and a cute top. Her outfits look pretty expensive which could indicate she is wealthy or well of. She also drives to school and has her own car which supports my last conclusion.

This girl has been in class every day. This tells me that she is punctual, never late, and values timeliness. After watching my stranger for about a week, it became clear that there were some problems with my observations. For example I don’t know what has happened to her before I am observing her. She could have been beaten at home or she could have just been given a million dollars, there is no way for me to measure if her reactions are parallel to her normal behavior or if he was acting that way for some other reason.

The more I observe her the less she becomes a stranger. Once that begins to happen begin to apply bias whether know it or not, so personal bias is another factor on the outcome of my observations. There is also a problem with coming to conclusions. Since we are all raised in different environments and with different values people may interpret things in a different way. When someone gives a person a look, that person could interpret the face differently, because of the way they were eased.

Also as I said with my observations my conclusions could be skewed by events or situations occurring outside of my observations. Lastly, although do not know her I still apply biased to the situation and the more I learn about her the more judgment I subconsciously apply to my conclusions. In conclusions although I believe that my observations and conclusions are valid based on what I observed, there will always be outside influences including my own personal bias and personal interpretations.

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