Sociology: Society and Culture

Sociology: Society and Culture

With the pass Of the time culture has changed; the events through the story had a lot of influence on this, the necessities of the people and the way to survive of the groups, communities and societies advance with the progress of technology and how the environment change around them. The industry has change our responsibilities, in the past the care of the plants in a agriculture community was harder than today with the help of all the machines.

If we see further in the past and compare the possibilities that people have than today, we can realize that we the evolution of the life, unmans change their develop to survive and with this the culture change, because people, in groups, communities or societies are the structure of the culture. The ethnocentrism and the cultural relativism are different forms of think about culture.

The ethnocentrism is view one’s own group and it’s cultural expectations as right, that means that a group do not accept anything that is not in their culture or goes against it, while the cultural relativism just accept that there are different cultures, may be these new costumes go in contrast o our own beliefs, but, accept the beliefs and the behavior of one society not means that we are agree with them.

The three theoretical paradigms: In the micro level we find the Symbolic Interaction theory’ that considers how we learn to share meanings of symbols, the humans created symbols and our humanness comes from the impact that theses symbols have on each other. There are three steps in the creation of a symbol. 1. The creation of the symbol, no matter who created it. These symbol is just shared by other with a particular meaning. . The symbol assume a reality independent of the creator.

That means that people feel loyalty to the symbol itself. 3. The group has internalized the symbol. The symbols are objects or phrases that acquire meaning for people, and with the pass of the time they come in part of the language and the gestures in a society. In the mess and macro levels we find two theories: Structural Functionalist Theory; That seeks to explain the relationship between the parts of the society, and each part have a role an a necessary unction for the total society.

This theory focus on the harmony and smooth integration of all the components in a society. The Conflict Theory; This theory focuses on the negative, conflicted, and ever-changing nature of society, describe that different groups conform the societies and each group Wing for power and try to make its own cultural ways dominant in the society, this theory also allow that in the societies, people with power manipulate the institutions such as the religion an the education.

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