Sociology reflection essay

Sociology reflection essay

All of the small activities in activity one lead me to feel frustrated and a little lonely. The first small activity I decided to watch the Rebate show; I chose this show because I like it a lot and I watch it often, so in a way thought it would be less boring for me. Counting technical events at first didn’t seem to bad, I sat down concentrated and was able to count the events pretty easy, beside the headache I started to get. I never realized how much goes in to watching and putting it all together, all the scenes, breaks, and interruptions my mind felt pressured to catch them all.

After about only 4 or 5 minutes of trying to counts became engulfed in the show, so I’m sure I had missed a lot of technical events. But I see now how is so addicting; It was scary to see how much I put my mind through on a daily basis. Getting had reported “Overall… ‘watching’ is the dominant leisure activity of Americans, consuming percent of the average person’s free time as a primary activity. ” (Getting, peg. 20 WET) This is absurd, we consider watching TV a leisure activity when in reality watching TV is not allowing our minds to relax.

We put our minds through hell when watching TV but we have been taught to isolate that fact, we have taught our brains to process all the events of television. Maybe that’s one reason we become so attached to our TV, our minds are going so fast we have no time to think of anything but what playing on the television screen. On the second small activity continued to watch the Rebate show. This activity was odd because I could see the actors and their actions just couldn’t hear any sound and it drove me a little crazy.

I found myself feeling a little lonely; think because although can e them can’t hear their voices, I hear nothing but silence. This is something item not really use to hearing in my home, our TV is on almost 24 hours a day. I was shocked to see how much I depended on the TV for a sense of companionship. Suppose I also lost that relief got from watching the TV show, In WET it’s stated I’ in watching the often degrading and exploitive experiences that most of these contestants go through, we can sit in our own homes and feel better about ourselves and say “at least it wasn’t me. I wasn’t able to obtain that sense of safety from my own life because I couldn’t hear he hastiness of what was going on, on my television. I didn’t have the TV to make me feel better about my own situations therefore I couldn’t say “tallest it isn’t me. ‘ I felt almost the same while doing the third small activity included in activity one. Watching the news without be able to hear the sound made me feel like I was missing out on something important and it really frustrated me when I could read that they were talking about something that interested me.

But again in a way it was nice not to hear all the depressing reports the news feeds us on the daily. I love the news even though it has that depressing feeling to it sometimes enjoy feeling like was a part of something, felt knowledgeable to be able to say yes I heard of that and be able to talk amongst my family about it. This experiment also showed me how much goes on with the news as well as any other TV show. All the breaks and switching from one anchor to the other, the music, words on the screen. It was a lot and it was a lot that I had ;t realized until now and item not sure I look at TV in the same light as did a week ago.

The last activity in activity one was interesting I chose to turn the TV off on my eight year old nephew junior. I chose him because he is the one I see watching TV the most and I knew his reaction would be a good one. While watching him I could see how intended he was with the television, he didn’t move a muscle unless a commercial came on then you could almost see him turn back on and he became aware of the things around him but while watching TV all his awareness of anything other than the TV is gone. His attention span was shortened and it occurred to me that we all are the same way when it comes o television shows.

Our attention span shrinks while watching television just as said in WET “It is easier to shorten the quality of attentiveness of a person than to lengthen their attention span. It is easier to increase a person’s susceptibility to distraction than to strengthen their concentration ability and their ability’ to calm, quiet, and still their mind of distractions. ” (page 61 ) When we our watching TV in no way is our mind calmed in fact our mind races just to understand the show we are watching but we think we are relaxed.

Everything around us is blocked out because of the television, we can’t concentrate on anything when our TV is on. That’s how I seen my nephew his attention span was shortened by the television show he had been watching and every single day he is like this full concentration to the TV and when someone breaks his concentration to that TV he will surely show and tell you how angry it makes him. His anger towards me for shutting off the television was unexpected, I didn’t truly believe it had that big of an effect until turned the TV off and saw how he reacted to it. Gang to see the television as something scary, to see how it can completely altar our attitudes and thoughts. The quote “We have been trained to be bored if we don’t have something entertaining us. ” (Ermine page 67) Is the perfect example of how TV has programmed us, and is controlling how we kick at life. We can’t just sit here in our home with all the TV’s and radios off and feel entertained, but what understand now is that we shouldn’t be relying on the media world to entertain us; we can take a walk, read a book or just lay on the grass and tare at the clouds or stars.

We have become dissatisfied with our lives that we have to have some kind of media feeling us up with things we feel we need and don’t have in our lives. Television is a habit as said in TEST “none of us is aware of all the ideas we hold and act upon. This is because many of our ideas are deep assumptions so taken for granted that, under ordinary circumstances, we do not think to question them. “(Scalable page 19) television is one of those things we reuses to see as unhealthy for us, it is one of those things we refuse to question.

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