Sociology Reflection – The last perspective

Sociology Reflection – The last perspective

With my hopes high, I confidently walked from the dorms to Kelly Hall without a problem. After arriving to the alluding, I continued up to the third floor to find my class. After finding my classroom I Opened the door to find the classroom full and the professor in the middle of his lecture. Was mortified. With everybody’s eyes on me, my own eyes got as big as balloons. The professor stopped his lecture and asked me if I was lost. I answered his question with as much confidence as I could by saying that this is my class and was running late. New that I was in fact early but under the circumstances all I wanted to do was to sit down and for the professor to continue with his lecture. With that, I sat down in the last pen spot in the class in the very front row. The professor continued on with his lecture about our upcoming project due later that week. He explained how it was a group project so I paired up with two girls next to me. They began discussing the project and about mid-way through the project discussion knew I was in the wrong class. I was so embarrassed.

My class did not start for another hour. After realized my huge mistake, I got up and told the professor I was in the wrong class and proceeded to exit the class. 12 There are three types of perspectives to describe people’s actions; biological, psychological, and sociological perspectives. A biological perspective explains human behavior based on what happens inside the human body. This perspective focuses on the brain and how it helps people decipher between right and wrong as well as make everyday decisions.

Additionally, this perspective focuses on individuals, not on groups of people. The psychological perspective focuses on individuals while taking into account the environment around the individual. Unlike the biological perspective, the psychological perspective focuses on an individuals biological makeup and their personality. Learning this perspective has taught us that individuals can e trained or taught to act certain ways by applying the concept of behavioral conditioning.

The last perspective is the sociological perspective which takes into account the social context an individual is in. Social context is also know as the social environment in which people reside in. Depending on the environment a person will act, think, and see things differently than in another environment. An example of how each of these perspectives are used in everyday life is in my embarrassing moment. My embarrassing moment had to do with all three of the perspectives: biological, psychological and sociological. Due to how was raised, am always on time or early to everything.

Since was planning on being early to my Public Speaking class didn’t bother to look in depth at what time the class started. Additionally, walking into the wrong class had to do with my psychological perspective because of my personality – I plan everything ahead of time and once I plan I don’t look back on the plan. This perspective is what caused my problem of going into the wrong class. Thought knew all of the class details, but I got the time wrong. Lastly my embarrassing moment had to do with my sociological perspective which is my rounding’s.

As a freshman you are expected to not know where you are going and you are suppose to stumble and make mistakes, however, I did not want to be that kind of freshman. To prevent that I planned my schedule ahead of time and I found the classroom before school started so I knew where was going. I thought I had everything planned out. My problem was I preplanned causing me to make the mistake of going to the wrong class. All three of these perspectives help us figure out why we think, say, and do certain things. Learning why we do things can help us enhance our everyday lives.

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