Sociology quiz answers

Sociology quiz answers

According to to become a science, sociology must study social facts, aspects of social life that shape our actions as individuals. ?mile Druthers Augusta Comet Karl Marx Emma Goldman Max Weber Question 4 believed that class struggles were what led to historical progress and development. Question 5 was perhaps most influential in sociology for his studies of bureaucracy. {mile Druthers Question 6 coined the term double consciousness to refer to the African American experience. W. E. B.

Du Bois Gloria Steiner Violation De Celery Harriet Martinets Lucy Parsons Question 7 1. Adherents of counter that there are no longer any “grand narratives,” or intransitives-?overall conceptions of history or society-? make any sense. Symbolic interactions Marxism postmodern theory functionalism that feminine sit theory Question 8 1 . The study of everyday behavior in situations of face-to-face interaction is usually called: institutional ethnography microbiology historical/comparative sociology microbiology Marxist method Question 9 1 .

Hunches about the nature of the problem can sometimes be turned into definite answers hypotheses analyses data truth claims Question 10 -?educated guesses about what is going on. Enables a researcher to test a hypothesis under highly controlled conditions established by the investigator. Psychological method ethnography satirical/comparative study experiment quantitative study refer(s) to abstract ideals in a given society. Material goods instinct Values Sociobiology Norms are widely agreed-upon principles or rules people are expected to observe; they represent the dos and don’t of social life.

Primal drives instincts refers to the application of biological principles to explain the social activities of animals, including human beings. Symbolic interaction Biological determinism Social constructionist does not refer only to people from different cultural backgrounds or those who speak different languages within a larger society. It can also refer to any segment of the population that is distinguishable from the rest of society by its cultural patterns. Teeth incite Subculture polity Aesthetic Race is the process by which different cultures are absorbed into a single mainstream culture.

Assimilation Apologetics Multiculturalism Cultural relativism Teeth encounters might be defined as judging other cultures in terms of the standards of one’s own. 1 . The practice of judging a society by its own standards is called: assimilation ethnocentrism apologetics multiculturalism cultural relativism is one of the best examples for demonstrating both the unity and he diversity of human culture, because there are no cultures without it. Dental care Metallization Language Psychiatry Monogamy 1 .

Societies whose subsistence derives from the rearing Of domesticated animals are called agrarian postmodern industrialized societies. Pastoral millenarian is a sense of identification with ones people that is expressed through a common set of strongly held beliefs. Sometimes these include the belief that the people of a particular nation have historical or God-given rights that supersede those of other people. Teeth nice enslaving Desertification Self-reflection Nationalism Conflict theory.

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