Sociology Questions

Sociology Questions

Something similar could appear as a 40 mark question “Religion is often seen as a conservative force in society but can also be associated with social change. ” Assess the extent to which sociological theories of religion would support or refute this statement Specimen paper 1990 Assess the extent to which religion plays an ideological role in society. Illustrate your answer with examples from different societies June 91 Assess the view that religious beliefs are invariably linked to dominant social and political interests.

Novo 91 Explain and assess the view that the economic structure of society can be determined by religious ideas June 92 Compare and contrast functionalist and Marxist explanations of the role of religion in society Novo 92 Evaluate the sociological arguments for and against the claim that religion is essentially a conservative force in society June 93 “Whether the function of religion in society is the promotion of social harmony or social conflict is, as yet, an unresolved debate’ Explain and evaluate this statement with reference to sociological theories and studies.

Novo 93 Assess the claim that the main function of religion is the contribution it makes to social integration in society. June 94 “Parsons has argued that elision is part of the cultural system in society and thereby supports its central value system. ” Explain and evaluate this statement. June 95 Assess the evidence for and against the clam that religion still fulfils a number of important functions in modern societies.

Novo 96 “Deuterium’s view that religion reinforces the collective conscience of society is more appropriate to an understanding of small non-literate societies, than it is to large modern and diversified societies” Critically examine this argument June 96 “The main function of religion in society is the control of weaker social groups by the ore powerful. ” Evaluate sociological evidence and arguments for and against this statement. Jan 97 Assess the view that Marxist perspectives on the role and function of religion have little relevance in contemporary society.

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