Sociology practice

Sociology practice

When one of he partners retires, Sarah applies for the promotion. She assumes that with her numerous awards and years with the firm, she will get the promotion to partner. However, John, a far less experienced and qualified lawyer is given the promotion instead. Sarah may be the victim of: Selected Answer: c. Glass ceiling ; Question 3 O out of 0. 5 points Mexican Americans, Irish Americans, and Muslims are all examples Of: Selected Answer: c.

Both racial and ethnic groups ; Question 4 is a relationship in which one woman is married to multiple men, whereas women. Is a relationship in which one man is married to multiple Selected Answer: b. Polyandry; polygon ; Question 5 Sally has worked at General Motors for many years. She started off as a factory worker, worker her way up to factory manager in just a few years, and is now a regional director for all GM factories in the Midwest.

This scenario is an example of: Selected Answer: a. Upward intergenerational mobility ; Question 6 The trend of credentials in the U. S. Has disadvantaged Blacks and Latino. These groups are less likely to be able to afford a college education, and as a result, are finding it increasingly difficult to find a well-paying job. Which theoretical perspective would be most likely to make this argument? Selected Answer: a.

Hidden Curriculum ; Question 7 The former caste system in India, in which people were unable to marry and work outside of the caste they were born into, is an example of what kind of stratification system? Selected Answer: c. Closed System ; Question 8 0. 5 out Of 0. 5 points Ryan holds strong beliefs about people and is always willing to voice his opinion. For example, whenever a conversation about driving comes up, Ryan is always quick to share his opinion that females and Asian-Americans are ad drivers and make it more difficult for White males to drive safely.

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