My book, Sociology for the 21st Century

My book, Sociology for the 21st Century

To understand how sociology affects my life you must first examine how use sociology at home. My book, Sociology for the 21st Century, states that a status is a position within society (Curry, Job, Saccharin, 201 2, p. 142). I have the privilege of having many different statuses such as mother, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, granddaughter, niece and girlfriend. I love everything about each of my statuses and the roles that come along with them but being a mother is my favorite. I love being a mom and acting silly with my children.

They think that we are just having fun and goofing off; I say that we are making memories and they are getting the parent/child interaction and colonization that they need to learn and grow. Colonization is defined in my notes as the process by which people learn the skills, knowledge, and values of their society and by which they develop their social identity (Dry. Amazing, Personal Communication, jejuneness). In addition to using sociology at home, I also use it at school. At Augusta Technical College my statuses consist of being a student and a classmate.

It states in my book that a role is the expected behavior associated with a status (Curry, Job, Saccharin, 2012, p. 144). I am a student and I know what is expected of me from my professors because each of them have listed it on the course’s syllabus. They include being on time, completing all work, and being respectful. I strive to be the best student that I can be by making sure that I comply with my professor’s expectations. When it comes to being a lasted, I do my best to help any of my classmates that can.

I try to be a friend to my classmates and let them know that I am there for whatever they may need. Apart from using sociology at home and at school, will also use it in muffler career. Provided that I keep doing well in school, I see myself as a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant within the next three years. According to Angela Stevens in “COAT: Role of a Certified Occupational Therapist’, “an assistant must be detail oriented, compassionate, able to precisely follow instructions, and have a great personality”.

My future patients will need help in developing, recovering, and improving the skills that they need for daily living and working. It will be my role as a COAT to help them achieve these skills. I will have to assess each patient and work with the Occupational Therapist to develop a treatment plan that is specific to each patient. I cannot wait to achieve the status of COAT. It is stated in my book that an achieved status is one that can be obtained through individual effort (Curry, Job, Saccharin, 2012, p. 143).

After reading my paper, I hope that the says that I use sociology now at home and school and how I will use it in my future career enlighten you on the different statuses and roles that I have. Fie is hectic and I worry about having role stress which is defined in my book as the anxiety produced by being unable to meet all role requirements at the same time (Curry, Job, Saccharin, 2012, p. 144). I think of myself as a strong person and have a desire to better myself so I am sure that I can deal with whatever challenges may come my way. Even though I am not at the bottom of the social ladder, plan to move up the ladder as much as I can.

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