The race track

The race track

The race track is a paved oblong track with grand stand seating areas set up down the straight sways. The air smelled of burning rubber and exhaust fumes from the morning practice nuns. The infield or middle of the track area, is a grassy section where the drivers set up. Another smaller section of the infield is reserved for campers and Rev’s, for the fans that can afford the extra cost. I sat in the upper grand stands because that is the cheaper place to sit. Also from this vantage point, I was able to observe not only the race, but the majority of the other spectators as well.

In my seating section, observed that many of the fans were dressed similarly. This consisted of the men sporting a combination of either jeans and a t shirt or shorts and a t shirt. There was the occasional ale donning the typical white tank top or cut off muscle shirt and cut off shorts, that seems to be associated with MASCARA and other racing fans in general. The women however, seemed to have a larger selection of clothing styles. Some were wearing sun dresses, while others donned outfits similar to their male counterparts. There were also the women who were wearing skirts of various materials with a tank top.

Still others were wearing jeans with a t shirt. Like myself most of the fans seemed to be between the ages of 20 to 40 years old. The ages of the drivers seemed to be between 25 to 50 years old. While the majority of the fans and drivers alike were Caucasian, there were other ethnicities sprinkled in the mix. The fans’ socioeconomic statuses all appeared to be that of the working class or possibly that of the lower middle class, for those fans that splurged on infield seating and camping spots and possibly the drivers themselves.

All of the fans seem to get along with each other even though they are cheering for different drivers. Most of the fans seem to like to consume adult beverages throughout the course of the event and to get a little loud, especially during time when races were stopped due o mechanical malfunctions Of any of the cars. In motorized vehicle races, there isn’t much of a specialized language. However there is specific knowledge that quite a few fans acquire from viewing these type of events. This knowledge is based on the drivers’ statistics, like that of any other sports player, and any specialized features of the vehicles themselves.

Being a mechanic by trade, I can personally and professionally understand many of the announcements made during the race that are informing the fans about mechanical malfunctions to vehicles. I can also pick out some of the mechanical enhancements to the cars. As far as the education level of the fans or even the drivers, it is hard to say for sure, but from personal experience, I know that race fans educational levels range from individuals that have some schooling to graduate degrees. The love of racing events is usually instilled in someone when they are young and doesn’t disappear because they acquired a Doctorate degree. O not think there is a useful way of looking at the sociology of sports due to the way I feel about the subject. I think sports are a useless part of society and a waste of resources. As an example sports teams create entertainment for people in a whole and vie people a reason to meet and socialize over things that really mean nothing. Sports give nations as a hole a way to stay united over one thing instead of putting time and resources into what is needed such as housing for everyone, food for everyone, and medical care for the masses.

When people are younger they feel the need to play sports due mainly to peer and parental pressure. When the players get older and see the potential for an easy way to make large sums of money in a relative quick way it is easy for them to just continue playing. People seem to like to be fans of sports because not only is t a way to have some harmless competition between groups of people but provides a social outlet for the stresses of daily life. Businesses like to participate in sports due to the return on money from the large fan base.

They take full advantage of the financial gains and shameless self-promotions that feed the gluttonous consumerist attitude that envelopes Americans and the world today. In terms Of the functionalist perspective, sports do nothing to facilitate or maintain society in a way that will sustain its future. Sports merely allow individuals and societies as a whole to slip from reality and Moore the growing number of problems that are currently demanding their attention and time.

The sociology of sports might be considered important because it looks into group behavior that occur due to sports making social interactions occur on a more frequent basis. The study of sports also covers different processes that occur in sports such as, competition, colonization, and social change. I read that sports is a way to make a group of people achieve discipline, hard work, and meet a common goal. Success in sports is measured by material possessions, power, and status; like the way many current world powers behave. Sports can be seen as one way to make things better.

Sports do help individualism by making it possible for players to overcome adversity and rise above oppression. Sports also help a government control its society by maintaining stability and abiding by societal expectations and rules. Sports play a role in politics by giving countries leaders a way to enhance their reputation of power, such as in the Olympic Games. Religion and sports go hand and hand nowadays, not only to churches and other religious institutions sponsor sporting events and clubs, but the athletes themselves promote and attest to the religious beliefs instilled in them.

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