Sociology of Gender

Sociology of Gender

Also, since the first day of a baby’s life, research shows that girls are handled more gently than boys. Girls are expected to be sweet and want to cuddle whereas boys are handled more roughly and are given greater independence. Sociologists make a clear distinction between the terms sex and gender. Sex refers to one’s identity of being male or female while gender refers to the socially learned expectations and behaviors associated with being male or female. Sex is biologically assigned while gender is culturally learned.

The sex roles of our society have been changing since the beginning of time. What society feels to be acceptable in the eyes of the sexes, has now changed due to the media, genealogical advances, and what a society as a whole feels necessary to survive and provide in everyday life. In the United States, the sex roles have changed from what was perceived as acceptable in the sass’s, to the present day America. Society shifted from a family oriented way of living to a more loose fitting definition of family.

The cultural origin of gender becomes quite obvious when we look at other cultures. In the United States, people tend to think of masculinity and femininity in terms of men and women different and opposite. Other cultures, however, challenge this assumption; as though it was not priority and have less distinct views of masculinity and femininity. Looking at gender sociologically reveals the social and cultural dimensions of something that is often defined as Miller 03 biologically fixed.

Gender is not biologically fixed at all, but rather is culturally learned and is something that can and often does change over time. For example; how certain men and women become or choose to be homosexual. Since gender is culturally learned, most people wonder how their childhood was like, what people they were surrounded by, and who taught them right from wrong. Many homosexuals today say there is no science or ‘sociological aspect’ of or being gay. There has never been any proven theory to state why people become homosexual.

But there are three theories that State and try to explain some reasoning. The first is the hormone theory which states that homosexual men have a low level of male sex hormones and homosexual females have a low level of female sex hormones. Secondly, there is the genetic theory which states that people are born gay and society helps their homosexuality advance. Researchers say there is such thing as a “gay gene”. And lastly, the brain theory, which states that a person who as a smaller brain is most likely going to be gay.

By looking at our society and how its grown has shown many of the people of how gender has changed throughout the generations and other ways it is being ‘taught’ to our children. Homosexuality has always been a controversial subject throughout the nation, where society has judged the ones who are homosexual, whether it be against their religion, or when others think it may be a mental illness, or simply when someone thinks they are going against the ‘norms’ in our society, but in the end, those people stand out for who they are, what they believe and what makes them happy.

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