Sociology of American Football

Sociology of American Football

Today Walter Camp’s legacy lives on with an outstanding league known as the NFG or National Football ague; which started in 1920. When we look at the socio demographic description of players within this sport it can change depending on the circumstance. American football can be amateur and a professional sport, depending on the league; I choose to focus more on the NFG during this paper. The socio demographic description of players within the professional NFG would be physically fit males between the ages of 20 and 48. George Bland was the oldest to retire from the NFG after playing 26 seasons.

Fans of this particular sport fit a general description of males between the ages of 18-64; there is what we call bandwagon fans and true fans. Although plenty of females enjoy the sport as well, the above stated is only a general socio demographic description. A violent, rigidly hierarchical, and highly gendered sport-?the sporting equivalent of the military-?football is often seen by its supporters and detractors alike as the embodiment of everything that is right (or wrong) bout American culture and society (homepage. SCM. Du).

This sport is used to celebrate several identities, as well as used as a stage within the American business world to help in promotion of products and their self. The impact professional sports have on America is nonetheless a great impact; whether positive or negative. American football probably is the one sport of greatest impact to our American society today. The NFG is covered by the media and for this reason the sport of football is a multi-billion dollar industry. Athletes now are looked at as highly skilled, highly aid commodities rather than heroic.

Young men are watching football and seeing the toughness, fighting, elbowing and big muscles and strength of it all have become quite appealing to them, leading football players to be their biggest role models. The fame the media has gained these athletes have led a lot Of young people to want this same fame rather than sit around in front of video games all day and do nothing with their lives. We do see a lot of negative from the media however. Racial stereotypes still exist in modern media.

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