Sociology: Midterm Exam

Sociology: Midterm Exam

Persons or situations that interfere with the normal workings of society Social Problems are a violation of moral expectations. Sample Correct Answer Violation of Moral Expectations 3. Cause of Social Pathology What is the CAUSE of social problems from the Social Pathology Perspective? The cause of social problems is failure in colonization. Failure in Colonization Defectives: Cannot be taught, Dependent: handicapped in receiving instruction, Delinquent: reject teachings Later Social pathologists: Wrong Values being learned. Sick and criminal individuals are immoral.

Score: 4. Social Pathology Conditions According to social pathology what are the CONDITIONS that lead to social problems? Social problems flourish when inherently defective individuals inbreed and pass their lack of morals onto their offspring. Or when the social environment becomes corrupt. Early Social Pathology Some people are inherently defective defective, dependent and delinquent classes perpetuate themselves through inbreeding. Later social Pathologist Bad Social Environment immoral qualities of society leads to social pathology Score: 5.

Social pathology Consequences What are the consequences that lead to social problems according to the social pathology perspective. Uniqueness of these pathological conditions is an increased cost to maintain social order and an ongoing battle between the immoral and the moral individuals and institutions in society. Early Pathologist: Increased Costs to maintain social order. Survival of the fittest. Later pathologists: Spreading of immorality Demutualization of society 6. Social Pathology Solutions According to the social pathologists, what are the solutions to social The solution is moral education for individuals and society as a whole.

Early: eugenics movement educating to middle class values Later: Moral Education Score: Social Pathology Theorists Name two Social Pathology theorists. Charles Henderson Samuel Smith Herbert Spencer Charles Henderson Samuel Smith Anthony M. Plant Vitas Savoir Dalton Conley Score: 8. Social Pathology Critique Offer a critique of social pathology perspective. Organic analogy is flawed, organisms live for self preservation. Organisms are sick when parts don’t work properly. Teeth necrotic towards Middle Class Values Problems with organic analogy: Definitions of “normal” The meaning of pathology Deviance as normal.

Score: 9. Social Disorientation Definition What is the definition of social problems according to the social serialization perspective? Failure of rules Enormousness (without norms) Cultural Conflict Breakdown Failure of Rules: Enormousness–No rules Exist on how to act Cultural Conflict– At least two sets of contradictory rules exist Breakdown–conformity to rules fails to bring promised rewards or yields punishments instead. Score: 10. Social Disorientation Cause What causes Social Disorientation? Anything that causes the parts of the social system to get out of tune with one another.

Social Change 11. Social Disorientation Condition What are the social conditions that lead to social disorientation and an increase in social problems? Any condition that upsets the dynamic equilibrium. 12. Social Disorientation Consequence Stress, change in the system, ignore the problem, or social breakdown. Personal consequences: Stress and Personal Disorientation System Consequences: (1) Changes in the System (changes bring system back into equilibrium) (2) System can operate in steady state (disorientation continues) (3) System can breakdown (disorientation can destroy system) 13.

Social Disintegration Solutions What are the solutions to social disorientation and the resulting social problems. Proper diagnosis and bring parts back to their equilibrium. Proper diagnosis and bring parts back into ciborium 14. Social Disorientation Theorists Name at least two theorists associated with the Social Disorientation perspective. Charles Horton Cooley W. I. Thomas Florien Zincked Charles H. Cooley W. L. Thomas Florien Zincked William F. Osborn Robert E. Park Robert E. L. Affair Warren Dunham Elijah Anderson Score: 15.

Social Disorientation Critique Succinctly state a critique of the Social Disorientation perspective. Disorientation is too subjective and vague for use as a general conceptualization of society. Implies that society was once organized. There is o evidence of society being problem free. Social Disorientation is a value judgment of the observer. (1) The concept of Social Disorientation is too subjective and vague (2) implies et disruption of a previously existing organized system (no evidence that there has ever been a place without social problems). 3) Value judgment (4) Some forms of deviance and social problem do not threat society. (5) Systems that appear to be disorganized to outsiders may really be highly organized systems, ii. Gangs, organized crime. (6) Diversity may contribute rather than detract from society. Score: 16. Value Conflict Definition Define social problems from the Value Conflict perspective. Social Problems are social conditions that are incompatible with the values of some group whose members succeed in a call of action. Social Problems are social conditions that are incompatible with some group who succeed in publishing a call for action.

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