Sociology Midterm Essay

Sociology Midterm Essay

I’ve always taken a great interest in art and design. In high-school, I even took two years of Graphic and Visual Arts. When I first started taking classes at Bryant ;Stratton, I was going for an Associates degree in Interactive Media Design. It wasn’t until was actually in my Intro to Web Design 1 class that I realized I didn’t want to do it anymore. I had Originally chosen that degree, because I felt that it was a great next step after getting my certificate in Graphic Design.

As I attempted doing the homework for that class, I remembered how much I hated that part of Design in High-school. I legalized I didn’t have the patience or concentration to sit there and type in code after code to create a web page, nor did I want to remember each and everything that went along with doing so. After some careful consideration, a little help from my advisor, and a bit of research into the online programs that Bryant & Stratton offered, I decided on going for an associates in Business. I have always had an interest in owning and running my own business.

I haven’t decided exactly what type of business just yet, as I have many interests, and some concerns as to what would be most profitable in he times to come, based on the economy and society. I recently thought about having a Graphic Design business, seeing that I have a background in the subject and a great interest in art. I just don’t plan on doing the web design part. I have taken photography courses before, and have thought about opening a photography business as well, or something along those lines. I believe that there are many more options when it comes to business rather than Media Design.

I feel have a broader range of choices as to where want to go with this degree. Experiences- So far Bryant & Stratton has taught me that It’s important to have good communication skills and writing ability. Since am now going for a business degree and plan on one day opening a business of some sort, learning the different types of business forms, and each types advantages and disadvantages, has given me some insight as to how to decide which form I would like to choose. I have also learned that it is important to try your best at everything, and that to succeed, means taking risks, and hoping for the best outcome.

Even when you fail, you should take that experience and learn room it. The next time around you will be better prepared, and aware Of what you need to do. Strengths- feel I have some good strengths and qualities that could help me succeed in opening and running a business. I work well on my own as well as with others. Feel I am smart, with good use of common sense. I am efficient and can get things done within deadlines, and using proper grammar and punctuation. I am determined and will work hard. I will give unbiased opinions when necessary, or biased if need be. I am a quick study when needing to learn new information or skills.

I am extremely creative, imaginative, and have an open mind to pretty much anything. Feel that most of my skills and qualities help me to adapt to and work well in most any situation. I can be the leader when need be, or the follower if someone else is the leader, but I won’t do something don’t believe in. Thus far- It is important to be able to work well with others. In doing so, you need to be able to listen and communicate. Having quality communication skills will help you when it comes to working and succeeding in a group setting or when needing to involve other players in your strategies.

When working with there, you want to showcase your own skills as well as theirs. Don’t be overbearing with your skills just to make someone else look bad. If a job requires the work of you and one or more employees, be sure to adapt everyone’s strengths, and thus everyone gets credited for a job well done. Even if there is a situation where you need to work with someone you may not like, it is important not to bring that judgment into the work area. Leave problems like this out of the job in order to gain progress and not cause trouble.

It’s better to do a great job and succeed, then to do a semi k job cause people could not mature enough to cooperate with one another. Effective Intra-personal communication- Effective interpersonal communication takes place when you are able to listen to yourself. Taking time to hear your own thoughts, process them, and be able to use them to function on a daily basis. It can help you to organize your daily activities, to ease stress, and be calm in hectic situations. Effective Interpersonal communication- Effective interpersonal communication takes place when you are able to listen to others and communicate in a positive way with them.

Assure them that oh understand what they are saying and don’t be judgmental of them. It is important to have both effective interpersonal and interpersonal communication skills. Having effective interpersonal skills helps you to function in everyday life, along with helping you to be calm in situations with other people. So in turn, having effective interpersonal communication skills, helps you to better your interpersonal skills. When you are calm, you are more likely to understand and communicate well with others. When you are upset or frustrated, it is harder to want to deal with someone else.

Effective immunization skills in general are an important aspect of life, and will help you to succeed in it, as well as in your career. What worked well for me- What worked well for me with this assignment was; one, working on it earlier in the week, two, going through each question and answering it separately from the others, and three, brainstorming each of my answers in order to get the best written response. I think for future assignments like this, I might stick with the brainstorming idea, and doing each question separately. This plan seemed to work out well in getting each part done.

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