Support and cultural guidelines

Support and cultural guidelines

They are lack of emotional support and cultural guidelines for their actions. As well as lacking of commonalities, criminal behavior and political protests occurs because of no social integration, since they don’t have social bonding with the society. In contrasts, I believe criminal behavior could be done in both degree of solidarity. Criminal behavior could occur from the category of low solidarity simply of sharing few beliefs, values and moral standards.

On the other hand, criminal behavior could occur in a high solidarity situation as well, for example suicide bombers. It’s a criminal act that suicide bomber oppose to do and I believe they are categorize in the sigh solidarity category, because they feel when a member of a such group perceive that the group is threatened they are likely to be willing to sacrifice their life to protect the situation. This means criminal behavior contradictorily could happen because a person’s social integrations are highly built and knitted with the society as well.

You have been assigned a research study that examines possible discrimination against men in child custody cases. What will be the population(s) you will study? How will you sample the population(s)? How ill you account for sex, race, age, income level, and other characteristics in your population(s)? If you took a qualitative approach, how would your methods differ? If am assigned to research and examines possible discrimination against men in child custody cases, would use a survey style.

My population target group would be male groups that are once or currently trying to get there child from child custody cases. I’ll use a sample, by random selects and categorizes them by income level only. This is because, no matter what nationality and how old they are as long as their income level succeed in a retain area, winning child custody case should be no problem. This is because as long as a person has money, they should be able to support the children.

My method would be different because a qualitative approach refers to situations where you collect data in an unstructured way. If you use an unstructured interview you will have qualitative data. Qualitative data will form the basis of a pilot study, where the aim is to get the best possible feel for the situation through broadly defined data. The results from the pilot study are then used to produce a relatively more quantified approach. Select a subcultures practice that seems odd, inexplicable, or irrational to you and explain why this is so.

By either interviewing members of the subcultures group, and/or reading or doing research about them, explain how the subcultures practice you chose makes sense to members of the subcultures group. Us Becquerel is distinct social groups within wider cultural formations that define themselves in opposition to mainstream culture. The term “subculture” has been used extensively in cultural studies to distinguish those social groups, usually youth groups, who use style to signify resistance to dominant ultra. Subcultures, for example the low pants groups.

One of the subculture practice that had always seem very odd, inexplicable and irrational to me is wearing your pants low till you see the bottom of your boxers. I mean, what is the point of wearing your pants so low? You can’t run properly when your pants are so low because simply it might just fell off. Honestly, I think wearing low pants are just inappropriate, since your showing your boxers around in the public to demonstrate your “coolness”. Wearing low pants never amazed me. Low pants were originated from prison.

Where rissoles who were “available” to be seduced/raped by other prisoners would wear their pants low and the trend was lasted and eventually seek out of the prison cell into almost every corner of the streets, because people wants to continue the trend remember the history. But the definition of being seduce and raped by other male prisoners had been erased. On the street people who wear lows pants simply wants to kick “cool” with the old gangster like fashion. They believe wearing their pants low would attract females.

Imagine you are a religious leader who is trying to retain young adults as hey grow up and separate from their families. You recognize that marriage and parenthood are no longer considered as important in the transition to adulthood as they were in the past. What rite of passage could you develop to appeal to today’s young adults? Why are such ceremonies important in our society? What do they symbolize? Would make my appeal full of statistic numbers, which will seem very convenience. I would use numbers and examples of the history to acknowledge people’s stupidity about their current thinking.

This kind of ceremonies are very important to our society, because thou the sense of marriage we would not care about the bonding towards our society, and without parenthood, we wouldn’t realize what is it feel to continue life for our next generations. This is very important to our society because this allows human to create our next generations and to get the sense of parenthood as our ancestors did. Our children, who would one day become like us and continue to do sexual reproductions to maintain the number of population in the world. This symbolizes reproductions of our next generations and the continuation of life in this society.

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