Sociology important Question

Sociology important Question

Karl Anaheim distinguishes ruling class ideology or ruling ideology from Utopian ideology. The Ideology of anthropometry thinker social thinkers egg – August Comet, Mile Druthers, Karl Marx, Max Webber etc played a very important role in the emergence of sociology as modern scientific discipline. August Comet stressed the adoption Of scientific method of analyzing society so that we might improve society through understanding of it.

His famous phrase – to know, to predict, to control- is his ideological and scientific in nature, This early implication of scientific analysis of society shaped the future of sociology amongst other thinkers. Mile Druthers, Max Webber and Karl Marx enriched sociological thinking with their scientific and rational logical ideology. This scientific and ideological views of all thinkers were the consequence of philosophy of enlightenment. , the French revolution 1 789 and the industrial revolution odd Mid 18th century.

Q-2 Method of science and sociology Science is a body of organized and verified knowledge secured through scientific observation, Scientific method consists of the following steps – observation- lab experimentation, Objectivity , value neutrality, variable inclusion, Subject matter of sociology is such that the scientific method is applicable as well as not applicable at certain areas egg . 1 , Study of sociology do take into consideration for scientific methods for data gathering- egg interviews, Figs, Questionnaires, goniometry, demographic data. Etc. , Sociology has observation and comparison and classification method are scientific in nature. 3, in study of social disintegration in society, sociology apply cause effect relationship and 4, it is interpretive and gives causal explanation of the social phenomenon. But unlike science 1, Lab experiments, objectivity, Value neutrality and other features of science cannot be applied to sociology to get verified knowledge. 2, Even though availability of empirical data one cannot predict the future of a social phenomenon, or come to an ultimate conclusion. Q-3 Sociology as interpretive discipline.

Answer – Max Webber was the founder Of interpretive sociology, and the basic premise of which is that the facts and data are fully amenable to sensory observation. According to him sociology makes critical interpretation on social action. For all social actions even the internal meaning and motives of a person are supposed to be shaped by forces outside him namely the society. According to Webber social reality is characterized by Ageist and Consciousness. Due to consciousness people ascribe meaning to things around them. The meaning further influences the subsequent behavior.

Therefore any attempt made to study social reality must take these meanings and motives in account. These meanings are partially determined by cultural norms and partially by the individual actor. Therefore an approach to social action shall not be just an outside observation rather it shall have new methods so that there could be empathetic liaison could exist between the actor and the observer. Empathetic liaison means that observer tries to place him/herself in the position of actor by imagination. Having learnt the actors motive through this he should then try to explain rationally the actors behavior.

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