Sociology Homework Covert Participati

Sociology Homework Covert Participati

Furthermore, it an also produce quantitative data as if the researcher notes down the amount Of times e. G. A burglary OCCUrs then this would be numerical data and therefore quantitative. An example of a researcher who done participant observation with a gang called the Black Kings was Venerates and he was able to collect quantitative data as it was an account book of what the gang had been up to. However the production of quantitative data is not as likely as the production of qualitative data.

This topic of investigation can be seen as a sensitive topic as it is based on groups who are involved in violent crimes which suggests many problems can occur which can affect the researcher. PRACTICAL: A : A practical disadvantage of using covert participation is that the group in which may be of interest may be hard to ‘get in’ to. It is not likely that for example a gang who focuses on violent crimes will allow another member to join them. Although this is a problem which will be faced, sometimes using participant observation can be the only way to study certain groups.

This is because a deviant group will not appreciate a researcher wanting to study them but is more likely to accept a member who is taking the same route as hem. CAGE: Another practical disadvantage comes along with the researchers CAGE. This is because it can put forward a restriction in which groups they are able to study. For example if a researcher is from the Caribbean and the group they want to study has members all from the same Irish background, then getting in and investigating this group is nearly seen as impossible.

S: The subject matter is seen as a sensitive topic as it is based on violent crimes. Individuals may not want to talk about anything they do because their activities is seen as disreputable by society. As a result criminals are secretive and suspicious of any formal research. F-articulately covert participant isn’t so formal and once a researcher is able to get in to the group, it will be easier to learn information from them about their violent crimes.

R: T: Time is another issue when using covert participant observation to study violent crimes. This is because it would take a long time for the researcher and the members of a deviant group to establish trust which is needed in order to gather information. For example a study which took several years is he study of Vengeance’s; in total it was a massive amount of 8 years. Also as stated generally, it wasn’t easy for Venerates to gain trust either, he was kidnapped at first which also shows that researchers aren’t so welcomed.

M: R: Violent crimes are known to occur quite frequently which suggests that there will be frequent research opportunities to study them, however as this research method requires actually being with the group committing the violent crimes, it is not that easy. The researchers may not of the groups committing the violent crimes, however due to the problem of access; this opportunity may not go forward. ETHICAL: ICE: An ethical issue with trying to study violent crimes within groups is that as the research method of covert participant means that the informed consent of the group cannot be taken as the researcher is hiding their true aims.

Confidentiality of the people involved in the study can be affected but may also not be affected. This is because if when the researcher successfully gets out and returns to their usual life and uses the actual names of the members when publishing the research and its findings, this shows that confidentiality is broken. If however, actual names are not used, then confidentiality is still in place and the ethical guidelines require this with all research. This research can have affects on both the researcher and the members who commit the violent crimes.

This is because the life of the members will now be not so hidden and any plans they make for the future days may be stopped if the researcher finds out and reports it. However the possible affect on the researcher is a lot more significant. This is because even if the researcher passed the ‘get in’ stage, they need to work on the ‘staying in’ stage and any mall thing can prevent this from happening. For example Patrick paid with cash and done his middle button of his jacket and these were actions that the gang he smuggled into never done, they would instead pay with card and do the top button of their jackets.

Any mistake like this can draw big attention on the researcher and can have really bad consequences such as death. Venerates was beaten up which shows an ethical issue as his life could be seen as in danger. Furthermore, a more serious case which shows serious ethical issues is that Price was murdered when he tried to research regained crime. Cases like these are very unpleasant and unnecessary, researchers need to realism that their life is more valuable than the research they are to conduct, if major negatives are possible then researchers should not step a foot closer to that research piece.

V: It would not be right to class the individuals who commit crimes as vulnerable; they are the individuals who place others into a vulnerable position. C: As stated before covert participation will be used with studying violent crimes and from an ethical point of view this has many disadvantages stated above but there are more such as not being able to debrief the members studied and even having guilty knowledge. REPRESENTATIVE: The findings gathered from participant covert observation of violent crimes cannot be said to be generalizes which shows a lack in the studies representatives.

S: The sampling frame of the study is already limited as it is just based on those individuals who commit violent crimes. There are many deviant acts occurring daily, however not all are violent crimes meaning that there wouldn’t be a huge amount of people who can be studied. S: Due to the research method used, it is not expected that the sample size will be large. A researcher that has got into being a ‘member ‘ of a gang can only study the other members which when is thought about will not be an excessive amount.

Due to these, the group studied may be unrepresentative of the wider population and therefore not a suitable basis to make generalizations. As Downed and Rock stated, although participant observation may provide valid insights into the particular group being studied, it is doubtful how far these internally valid insights are externally valid. VALIDITY: Many disadvantages of this research method along with its topic of study have been stated, however there are also advantages which come along with it.

Validity is seen as an essential part of any research as it refers to the accuracy of the findings collected or the accuracy of how the topic is approached (e. G. The way of investigation, is it internally valid? ). There are advantages concerning the validity aspect of this research as researchers are able to observe everything in first hand with their own eyes. Also if detailed notes are taken down at appropriate times then this will also have a positive effect on the validity of the research as it shows that the researcher has gained some quality insight into the group of study and their violent crimes.

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