SOciology health fitness

SOciology health fitness

It is estimated that 1 in every 2,500 babies born In the LIKE will be born with cystic fibrosis and there are over 9,000 people living with the condition in this country. The condition is much less common in Other ethnic groups How many people in the I-J are affected? Cystic fibrosis is most common in white people of northern European descent Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis occurs when there is damage in and around the joints which the body cannot repair. The exact causes are not known but there are several actors thought to increase your risk of developing the condition.

Who’s affected? Age – The risk of estate arthritis increases as you get older due to weaker muscles or joints that may have become worn out. Your Doctor may suspect osteoarthritis if you: are over 50 years of age have persistent joint pain, which gets worse the more you use your joints How many people in the UK are affected? Osteoarthritis is the most common type Of arthritis in the UK and may affect as many as eight out of 10 people over the age of 50 Alchemist’s disease: Alchemist’s disease is the most common cause Of dementia.

Dementia is a group of symptoms associated With a decline in the way your brain functions, affecting your memory and the way you behave. In Alchemist’s disease there is a progressive loss of brain cells. Who’s Alchemist’s disease is most common in people over 65 years of age, and affects slightly more women than men. The risk increases with age, and people who are over 80 years of age are thought to have a one in six chance of developing the condition. How many people in the UK are affected? Dementia in people under 65 years of age, known as early-onset dementia, is less common.

In the K, around 2% of all dementia cases are early-onset dementia. The risk increases with age, and people who are over 80 years Of age are thought to have a one in six chance of developing the condition Bipolar Bipolar disorder is a serious mental health problem and is sometimes known as manic depression. If you are affected by bipolar disorder you may experience periods where they feel very happy or ‘manic’ and then episodes here you feel very low or depressed which seem like extreme mood swings.

These episodes can last for a few days or even weeks. Who’s affected? The first episode happens when a person is in their late teens to early ass. But it can also happen in young children and older adults. How many people in the UK are affected? In the 1. K, 2. 4 million people have bipolar. Equal numbers of men and women are affected. The average age for diagnosis is 19, though as our family history shows (Rebecca was diagnosed at 22, Jim at 32, Irene at 51 there’s no typical tatter.

Genes count -? an individual’s risk increases the more family members who have it -? but even those without any family history of the illness aren’t immune, depending on a combination of upbringing stress-load, hormones and the use of substances such as cannabis Young careers: They’re usually called young careers. Young careers are children or young people who look after someone in their family who has an illness, a disability, a mental health problem or a substance misuse problem.

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