Sociology Final Project

Sociology Final Project

After doing my research and looking through multiple cozens of magazine ads I have come to the hypothesis that the use of sex app eel is the most way to convince your customer of the idea that you are advertising . After my research of 83 magazine ads from different types of magazines such women’s, entertainment, specialty, men’s, and news magazines, I believe my hypothesis that sex appeal is the most effective way Of advertising is valid. I believe that by looking g in different types of magazines my research will yield unbiased results. In America today gender identity is prominent.

In guys they are expected to make the money, be good with tools, and have the intro outside of the house. Girls are supposed to be the beautiful stay at ho me moms, who cook the food, and watch the kids. These gender identities are quite prominent in my research in how a lot of the ads featuring women are young beautiful women because it will get peoples attentions. In ads aiming towards women it showed women in nontraditional roles in hi chi it shows the women how are seeing this add that they can due something great if they use their product.

As well in male oriented ads it is more common to show common stereotypes us chi as trucks, hunting, and beer to make they man viewing this ad to think that is they use t is product then they too can become more manly. Believe that in modern society in the United States has changed into where men and women are more equal opportunity wise. This colonization is reflected in the ads by showing men and women doing the same things against stereotypes such as women playing football or men staying home with their kids.

This shows that the colonization but both b soy and girls are starting to assimilate and closing the gap between what men and women can and can’t do. However the ads I viewed do show more traditional thoughts of gender roles such as women paving to be models. This reflects the stress that is put on young girls to stay s skinny, too skinny, to look like the celebrities. This is why had my last choice of category being w eight loss because I wanted to see the stress put on boys versus girls on being skinny.

A after looking at my results there is an ratio of ads for women to men about weight loss. There is also view of the colonization process for boys in which noticed that a good amount of ads fee tat ring children with their parents showed young boys playing baseball with their father, shoo wing the expectations for boys to play sports. Overall though I believe that the ads I vie wed showed the diminishing differences between boys and girls. Showing men staying at homo e and cooking, and women being firefighters and playing football.

After analyzing the results of m y research I believe the research reflects a start to an end of gender roles. However its jus t a start. In my research there was 14 adds of women using sex appeal versus 6 of men. This shows the use of sex to attract a certain demographic. Also in my research there were 31 ads r fleeting beauty in women versus 22 in women. This shows that women are expected to be beau dutiful and how that tatty is a big part in society today for mostly women but as well as for men. This gender issue is reflected in conflict theory because it shows that people d o what’s best for them.

In the adds it shows that you can do what you want to. The ads advertise ways to help you with anything. Age reversing, interlink lotion for women, or cool f cast cars for men to make them feel young again. These ads give women a push towards living t heir life and that they don’t always have to stay at home, that they can go out and do what they really want to do. Overall I believe that the ads I have viewed shows that their is opportunity for everyone, no matter who you are, or what you want to do.

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