Sociology- Family Diversity- AS- Edexcel

Sociology- Family Diversity- AS- Edexcel

Financial stability is important for a family to function and many families rely on older enervation of family for the financial support, this could be a grandchild looking to a grandparent for a loan to buy a house, because the bank has refused to give them the money for the mortgage. Without this extended family support a child would not be able to be independent and own a house. This applies to many other situations as well for example looking to older generations to pay off a student loan.

Brenna would support this theory as he found in 2003 that grandparents play an important part in the contemporary family, including giving financial support. Another important ole of the extended family is to provide emotional support for each other. McConnell, using survey findings from 1 996, supports this idea as he said contact with relatives for this type of support was still frequent. Emotional support can include, but is not limited to, consoling a child or grandchild through a loss of a relative or friend or taking care of them when they are ill or injured.

Janet Foster found that most adults were happy to live only streets away from parents/grandparents making it easier to go to them in times of illness or when in need of financial support however other sociologists argue hat a family member will most likely always turn to another family member or relative from an older generation in times of crisis, despite the distance between them, proving that distance is not a factor that breaks down the extended family.

The people most likely to see extended family as important are the ‘elite class as they use their families wealth and privileges for social closure meaning that their generations will continue to be elite as they will not let anyone from a working class come close to them, only surrounding themselves with people who are the same class as them.

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