Religion is just simply changing

Religion is just simply changing

One reason for the decline in Church attendance is that religion is just simply “changing’ and isn’t actually declining but changing into a more “privatized form”. This means fewer people are going to church to practice their religion and are staying at home to practice or just feel like they have no need to go to church to practice. This explains the predicted number of attendance to fall to “87,800” in 2050.

Another reason for the decline is that of the postmodern view, they argue that we are now becoming a more individualistic society. This suggests that we now have a picking’s society, where we have the choice of what religion we Want to take part in and that we aren’t forced into a religion and what to believe in. This means that the numbers in the more conventional religions like Christianity are falling. Whilst the numbers in things like spiritual movements are seeing a rise as more people are feeling free to deluge into these and experience what they have to offer.

Finally showing that the Church is declining whereas other religions are increasing. Another reason is due to the Church watering down its beliefs in the hope to gather more popularity. This angers many of the followers as it may not be what they believe, and so they break away from the church to form a schism. Many of these have fundamentalist beliefs; they take what their holy book says literally. This then attracts new people to their new religion. This is evident in war ridden countries, where a group may focus on a section of the holy book and take it very literal. This then gives hope to many of the follows.

This therefore means that the Church numbers ah in declining whereas other religious numbers are thriving. Also due to globalization the church is viewed to be declining. This is because many people now don’t have to go to Church to learn about a religion. This is because the advances in technology, in things like tablets we now have the ability to learn about any religion in the world in the click of a button. This means in areas where technology is more accessible, in the west, Churches are declining. But in the east other religions are flourishing. Also in the UK as there is an increase in Norms and spiritual movements popping up.

This means more people are able to go and experience what they have to offer. One more point for the decline in the Church of England is due to disengagement. This is obvious within the government. Previously the Church used to be very influential in making decisions and helping to structure choices. But now, even though there are members of the church sitting on the cabinet, they very rarely influence choices. This is evident within school curriculum as well as now many shops are open on a Sunday whereas rebelliously a Sunday was viewed as a religious day so all shops were closed.

This shows that the influence of the Church of England is in decline. However, the church “rejects the figures, saying that they were incomplete, based only on a snapshot census of church attendance”. This is also backed up with the point that Grace Davies makes people now “believe without belonging’. This is evident because many people still claim to believe in a religion like Christianity but may not feel like they have no need to practice their religion in a place of worship. This therefore explains the decline in the influence of religion.

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