Sociology current event paper

Sociology current event paper

The student named Harrison David, who studied in the Columbia University used to sell cocaine and he is said to have armed a gang which includes some other students. Four other students have also been suspected in this connection and they have pending charges on them. David who is the main culprit had been sentenced six years jail and after end of his term he will have to serve for five years probation. The main charge on David includes the keeping of second degree banned drug.

As per law he should be sentenced for ten years but since he is studying and the plea included the third degree sale of drug, so he may get a minimum sentence. David also admitted that he has sold the drug to an undercover officer. Davit’s lawyer requested for a minimum punishment as he was a student and his career was at stake. The lawyer also said that he will try to get a relief certificate from the judge. Analysis: The given case is an example of the juvenile delinquency.

The case has many sociological concepts linked to it and on the basis of these concepts the case can be analyzed as follows: 1 . Social stratification: The stratification is the categorization of various people in the society. This concept can be applied here as the negative factor, David has his own lancer and it means he belongs to a rich family. So, in this case we see that the social stratification gives rise to a discrimination in the criminal justice system also. As if it had been some other person except David the he might have been sent to jail on long term. . Status: The determinant Of the position Of a person in the society is called the status of the person. The status determines the place of the person in the society. In this case the status of the culprit has played its role in making the punishment less, disregarding the offence committed. 3. Deviance: This sociological concept determines the ways in which a person or roof of persons violates the social rules and it occurs due to varied cultures. The deviance in this case occurred when David deviated from the university culture and he sold the banned drugs.

The reason could be the psychological or genetic one. 4. Crime: The crime can be defined as the violation of the norms of the society. The crime is an offence which gets a lawful punishment. In this case the unlawful act of David got punished through the law and court and he was sentenced to six year jail. 5. Conflict Theory: According to this theory, the law is a device which helps the influential and powerful people in mimes of crime just like law helped David to get a less punishment for the act which should get him an imprisonment of ten years.

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