Sociology community concepts

Sociology community concepts

The football community has numerous sociological concepts that are apparent. To accurately identifying these notions and theories is highly significant in understanding and interpreting the fundamental principles of an effective community.

The concept Conspicuous consumption is a substantial factor in the football community as members such as players and supporters feel social pressures to compete and purchase luxurious goods to resent their economic power in the hope to gain social prominence. Within the football community Nationalistic is a significant drive where consumers are satisfied to purchase probable and mainstream products for their “efficiency, calculability, predictability, increased control, and the replacement of human by non-human technology’ (Wisped the free encyclopedia, 2014).

However, even though this concept is a dominating force some members of this community are exploring alternatives of less profitable manufacturers to challenging larger and globally recognized corporations’ objectives. Sociologist and Economist Thorniest Blend defines Conspicuous consumption as ‘the spending of money on and the acquiring of luxury goods and services to publicly display economic power. ” (Van Krieger, 2005) As consumer society, communities purchase goods not because they are vital for survival rather we want to impress and impact other individuals with our ability of purchasing power.

Within the football community individuals purchase UN-necessary luxury products such as variously designed clothing, latest technology in boots and protective equipment to acquire a social tutus and present themselves as dedicated and worthy members of the community utilizing there economic power. However, buying luxurious goods and services are just for display and are limited as they unable to kick a ball, presenters knowledge/understanding and most importantly your love for the game.

Deterring UN-necessary market value for the major corporations with consumption should be crucial so that within my community individuals don’t feel obligated to purchase avoidable goods and services to gain a social status within the football community. Nationalistic is the terminology developed by sociologist George Ritzier defined as “the process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as the rest of the world. (Van Krieger, 2013, p. 55) The sociological phenomenon is not about McDonald’s or fast food outlets itself, but rather how these industries have come to dictate and influence there global franchising on other successful corporations internationally. Within the football community it is identified that there are numerous million-dollar reparations but two evident brands, Nikkei and Aids, These organizations are globally recognized not only for football products but an array of sporting goods.

People are relying on the ability of these companies to produce efficiency and consistency in their merchandise nevertheless not considering smaller industries whom are assumed to not be appealing nor available in providing their consumer with surety of service that Nikkei and Aids deliver. As a result the principles and existence of the football community is developed through these mufti-million dollar corporations. These organizations produce the “latest” innovative technology and designs that become replicated repetitively which us consumers reach deep into our hip pocket and continue to support the Nationalistic cycle.

The football community should contradict this by supporting unique and exceptionally designed products by less profitable organizations to reduce predictable cloned items. Sociological concepts are essential in the community, understanding these perceptions assists us as individuals to contribute towards a successfully advanced and thriving society of people. The football community is subjected o widespread factors that range in complexity including Conspicuous consumption, here consumers are purchasing UN- necessary lavish goods and services with economic power to proclaim a social status within the community.

On the other hand, purchasing these items may get increase appearance by creating an image they are not able give you social status in being a creditable footballer or supporter, rather just a pretender. Another concept that influences the football community is Nationalistic by leading football organizations dominating global economic market where shoppers are purchasing placated mainstream products that have no sense of quality but offer service that is proficient and reliable.

One-off designs created by smaller industries are being over shun and looked as result of the urge of conventional society. These two concepts provide insight in my football communities features by shaping the nature of the principles and morals of members who are influenced by society, if these concepts continue to cycle they could potentially create an unhealthy and prejudicial community.

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