Sociology Book Review

Sociology Book Review

The book Animal Farm, by George Orwell, plays on the sociological ways how overseeing government has total control over society. In the book, Gorge Orwell begins with the introduction of Mr.. Jones; a farmer who over works his livestock. This aspect reflects dictatorship and through history, people in the society of a dictatorship have relatively short stands, as the animals do after a secret alliance is decreed been all of the animals in search of a rebellion against the corrupt Mr.. Jones which they succeeded in.

Eventually the pigs rise to power and divide the farm into categories based on what they do, which can signify the divisions we have succumbed to today. As a nation, every man is supposedly equal, but in today’s society We are only as equal as our social class. For centuries, societies have been divided into social classes ranging from poor to wealthy. Now in days, we are divided between the working class and the one percent higher ups who usually determine everything we do. In this case Orwell created the pigs as that one percent that lays down the laws for everyone to follow.

The rest of the animals were divided up into classes of what they could do for the farm and what they could offer the pigs to sell. There are many ways that the pig could be represented in our lives for example, a city mayor, congress, the government, or even the president. In the beginning of the book, the pigs started out with a plan that would help the farm prosper without humans running the farm. Since there are more than one pig running the farm, the struggle for complete dominance gets in the way, they start to mix their own selfish views into running the other animals.

During the course of the book, Snowball and Napoleon contest for power over the farm, and eventually, Napoleon gains full control over the farm. He plotted and used dogs to run Snowball off the farm. Orwell was able show the strength that Napoleon had and the greed he felt to plot against his brother. He eventually made it so Snowball could never return to the farm and made it so the other animals would refuse to take his side if he ever tried to regain power. His plan worked for the most part because the animals on is farm were blind and naive to what was really going on.

Napoleon had trouble running the farm and for everything that went wrong, he blamed it on Snowball. Orwell illustrates the impulse of greed found within almost every human. He was able to extract the amount of greed out of napoleon that would have led to his down fall. The animals on the farm had faulty judgment of their leader and trusted him with no doubt, and Napoleon was able to keep the trust and allegiance of most of the animals because he punished them if they sought otherwise.

The chickens eventually caught on to what he was really doing. The rules of animal farm were to be nothing like humans, which means they couldn’t act like humans, walk like humans, live like humans, but Napoleon was doing just that. He moved into the farmers house, started wearing their clothes, sleeping in their bed, even drinking alcohol. He was doing exactly what was forbidden from all the other animals. They finally started to take notice that Napoleon was becoming exactly what they fought to overcome, a human.

Orwell was able to constructs story that outlines the owe we work as a society in some way because everyone has a part in their communities, as do all the animals in the book. He shows us that there is a flaw in every system out there and even in real life we can agree with him because our nation has tried to improve our country, maybe not in the right ways but their plans were flawed. One example would be Obama care, and their flaw with this were it technicalities and what it would be costing everyone who worked hard and would be having to work even harder for people who had Obama care.

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