Sociology assinment

Sociology assinment

The person who is virtuous has very high standards that are admired. Virtues are very important these day. In order to have more productivity and be better than competitors leaders started to debunk rules and play fair in marketplace. Virtues are becoming things of past and because of that American people have to deal with leaders who are cheaters and liars. Virtues saves us living the life that is socially unaccepted. They also make us better person and those people who are around us. Virtues are better for society.

Society without good morals fails. Owners and executives of large business corporation have been in trouble because of the lack of moral excellence. Many owners practice illegal and unethical business. They didn’t exercise good judgment and that led to their downfall in business. To some people leadership is all about power and whoever comes in their way they crush them. They don’t care about law and break rules thinking that they would not be caught They forget that leadership is also about the human side of life and organization is a part of society and society cannot function without principles.

Good leaders do the things that are better for society and not just better for them. Effective leaders choose the right people to be part of their team. It makes their organization better and honest and reduces the possibility of corruption. In the past, People pay attention to knowledge, skills, and information the leader possessed rather than paying attention to how leader learns the culture of a society. What happened to American global economy was result of arrogant leaders and leaders who were hungry for power and money and did not have any moral excellence.

And that put them in lot of trouble in the end. Virtue comes from Greek word retreat and is translated into Latin as virtue. Virtue is a quality of good in human. Wisdom is the core of virtue. In religions virtue is a very thing. Judaism tells us that whatever you hate don’t do that to your people around you. Islam also teaches about virtues. In Hinduism good deeds are very important and right action serves God and humanity. Virtue 1 Education comes from the Latin word educate means to educate. Education is the Key to success. We need to have education to have better jobs.

The people who have better jobs is because of their education because Lignite States demands people who are skilled and educated to work for them. Americans have faith in education. They spend lot of money on education of their children so they can be successful in life. The manifest function reflects what we created the school for. To pass culture from generation to generation. Selecting people who are capable of working not those who cannot do work. Encourage common culture with shares values. Teach students those skills that can benefit them later in life. There are some latent functions.

School is a marriage marketplace where young people meet their marriage partners. Education is important in order to have social mobility in America. Schools are large nowadays and laziness, and crimes are becoming part of the school environment. Real concern for student is to get scholarships, admission, and good grades because of the competition that is out there. And because of that some people lie, cheat, and plagiarism to achieve what they want. And some work hard for everything. Three important factors for success in America are human capital, social capital, and cultural capital.

Human capital is the knowledge and skills of the worker and the cost that was put on their training. Social Capital shapes the society and holds it together. Cultural capital is learning the culture and guiding humans. Education provides us with skills that we can use to get jobs and education helps us build our character. And we need both of these to be successful in life. The leaders who have education but don’t have good manners are failure in life. Virtue 2 Character is the most important facet for leadership today than ever. Character is a Latin word derived from the Greek word character.

Character makes one person different than other person. A person with good character is respected and earns trust of other people. Leaders in the past worked hard and did what people expected them to do and they knew if they did something wrong they would be accountable for it. Character was everything for them. How people perceive them was determined by their characters. Character is more important than wealth and health. In many areas of the world people would end their lives rather than losing their character. Dishonor is worse than death to the noble people.

What an individual does is responsible for their downfall. Some leaders can’t control their sexual desire and get in trouble after that which brings their character down and all people ugh at them and they lose the precious thing they had character. Intelligent leaders know that more power you have the power responsibility it brings you. People respect those leaders who believe in education not because to get a good job but education makes you think what is right and what is wrong. They want good things to happen to every person in America not just few people.

And make America a better place to live. Effective leaders understand that whatever they do in one area of field will impact the other areas of their lives. Since the 2008-2009 American people started to keep closer eye on their leaders. They expect leaders to have good behavior rather than social standings. They know that key element of leadership is building of character. Virtue 3 The leaders who are greedy and work just to fill their pockets and whoever works For them are brought down in the end. They break law and doing well for people is never their thing.

Work is an effort that people make to achieve goals in life. Today work has become a vehicle that can be used to get good salaries and nice benefit packages. Work has been viewed negatively in many areas of the world that has affected United States the nobleman gets power ND honor not from work but from wars, and politics. The Calvinist people who came to America saw work as sacred. They believe you can improve yourself and society by working. Laziness was not considered a good thing. Work helps us to be not dependent on other people. Work helps us realize our full potential.

Leaders in the past worked hard and earned their money but leader in this time don’t want to work hard and be rich as quick as possible. Leaders are not afraid of law and do illegal things. People take advantage of marketplace easier. White-collar criminals are very hard to catch and more difficult to prosecute. Leaders have become arrogant and don’t want to work hard but work smarter. They do less to make more money. Work today is more focused on manufacturing. People don’t work to make society better but they work for their selves and they believe working less and making more is the key.

Leaders today lack social conscience. They work for their own and not for society. They want bigger paycheck and more benefits and prey on those people who work hard in America to make their life easy. Virtue 4 power is the ability to make someone do what they don’t want to do. If our leaders pay attention to informal types of power we wouldn’t be in this taxation today that we are in. Power is needed to maintain social control in bigger organization. Leaders keep eye on the activities of the organization, they defend their organization, and they make decision ifs all because they have power.

Leaders must have power to run an organization. For some leaders, to make money as quick as possible and be famous is the power. Leaders have become ruthless because they think if they didn’t do a good job keeping up with the competition they will be taken out. Some leaders see nothing wrong breaking the law because they think that’s how the business arks. Many leader do illegal things to disrespect the legal system. They have contacts with people in government if they get caught. Some leader are arrogant and think they are the most intelligent.

Some leaders lack discipline and self-control we shouldn’t put young people in position of being a leader because they are not that experienced at young age. We should hold our leaders accountable for what they do. There are four dominant theories in organizational behavior. Classical theory, human relations theory, systems theory, and the contingency model. Hard power is associated with authority. Leaders take action that are beyond the reach of those lower down in the organization hierarchy and they do that without fear. They embrace threats and tangible payoffs and force people to change by threatening them.

Soft power is when you can get the most of your workers without having to threaten them and tangible payoffs. Soft and hard power are related because they both have same goal and that is to get most of workers. Leaders must learn that people make the organization and they are the life-blood Of organization. Virtue 5 The seven deadly sins of leadership are pride, envy, anger, greed, lust, Layton, and sloth. A sin is a fault. Pride is the most serious deadly sin. You want to be more attractive than other people. So many leaders have put their name to dust because of their pride and they have ruined their career.

The people who have pride think they do everything by their self and don’t mention the help they get from other people and take full credit for everything. Envy is when people desire to have what other people have and is the cause of unhappiness in people. Organization compete with one another and so many people get hurt along the way. Anger is something when you ant control yourself and want to harm other people to make yourself feel better. Anger borders jealousy and envy. Many leaders display anger because they believe they have the power and right to do so.

Anger can be triggered by jealousy and envy. We see in politics, business, sports and other areas where people have destroyed their own self because they couldn’t control their anger. Greed is when people want to get more than what they need. People steal things because of the greed. Greed is a very big sin in most religions. Many leader got themselves in trouble because they were greedy to sake money in illegal ways. Lust have different meanings. It covers sexual desire in general. In all of the organized religions lust is a sin. Its America’s most wide spread sin. Sex sells very good in America.

Society interest in sex is existed for a long time. Even the powerful people were caught. What leaders of America do is not acceptable to American people. Gluttony is having more is a better thing. The more expensive things we have the more we are called successful. It can also be viewed as a vice or a symbol of status. Sloth believe in hard work and condemn the lazy people who do not work. Gandhi used non-violence principle to bring down the whole British Empire. Virtue 6 Arrogance is one of the main reasons why leaders are disgraced. Its the cancer of leadership.

Arrogance comes from Latin word arrogant. Arrogant people are were proud of their self. And that leads them to have a big ego. There are leaders all over the world that are arrogant. When leaders are arrogant and irresponsible that could land them to prison. Leaders believe they can behave arrogantly because they have the power. They think they are better than people and they are smarter. And they expect American public to origin them for their arrogant ways. Ego, risk, lack of humility, and the inability to understand are factors that makes people arrogant and causes them to fall down.

Rational Choice Theory tells that these individuals choose to act behave in a certain way. They make decision in long period of time or at the moment to behave like an arrogant person. Social Theory tells that people learn that kind of behavior from others and it is not inherited. Leaders engage in these behavior to maximize benefits and minimize costs. They know what they are doing and what they are doing is wrong but they still choose to do this. People should know that there is a person or thing that is stronger and powerful than them.

Surrender is to give something to another person. We become good people because of surrender. American believe in surrender as a weakness. In order to surrender you have to have faith. Faith is when you place trust in a person. Faith is the key to living good and productive life. Virtue 7 Team is a group of people who share same idea and come together to achieve a goal. People become more motivated in teams. Each member of team has their own share of in decision making process. Working in team gives one individual more Ideas. Team take greater risk than individual.

Working together reduces frustration caused by job pressure. Leader don’t like to have team because it takes more time to make decision. Leaders select people who have education and have skill to work for them. Leaders select their friends to work for them. Leaders tend to pick the team members on the basis of what they can see and hold and touch. Krishna, who is God, tells that suffering makes us strong. He also tells us that people should seek truth. And people should also seek knowledge but the most important things he tells us that people should seek wisdom.

Leaders should carefully screen and select the person to work for them to make sure that he gets the right person to work for him. Many leaders select their friends and family member whether they are qualified or not. And don’t select the ones that are qualified. If you fail to monitor teams it can have potential damage effect for leaders. Leaders cannot know everything that goes on in team. Teams develop their own culture. The leader must know how to walk alone if his or her team fails him. Most leaders are unable to work alone because they think they don’t have the confidence and ability to work alone.

Virtue 8 Management is when you control the people that work for you. Leadership is an Action of leading a group of peoples. Giving direction is very strong than passing instruction in management. Management provides a path to get a work done. And use resources to get the work done and see what was the result at the end. There are seven keys to business leadership. They are “trust your subordinates, develop a vision of where you want to go, keep your cool, encourage age risk, be an expert… Invite dissent, simplify. ” Leader fails because of their own self.

Leaders fail because they are unable to do things or society and people. Leaders fail because of their education. Not being honest and not having good moral leads them to failure. Today it’s time for America to select those people as their leaders who understands the society and people needs and who have good character. Productivity has fallen in United States because there is much more global competition and shortage of resources. Because of more technology in America people have forgotten about the human side of life. Everything can be done in milliseconds that is impacting us in a negative way.

Man makes his own destiny and everything begins with himself. If he is good than whatever he does will be good. So man must find to build his own self instead Of working in the external world and not care about his own self. Great leaders avoid things in everyday life that would destroy their career and present them to public as a bad person egotism and self-centeredness cause the destruction of an individual which we see in our everyday life. In order to grow individually or organizationally leaders should see the relationship between self and the society.

Conclusion Without virtue people are lost and they don’t know what their goal is. Without Virtue no society or individual can grow. The leaders who were successful in life stood on a platform that was built with good values they had and the solid education they received. What we learn in our childhood can impact our life when we get older. Whatever we learn and see our parents and teachers and the people around us do we do the same things and those things shape our lives. Human side of life helps us make good judgment in decision making and stops us from doing what is wrong for our character and society.

In most areas of the world power has corrupted many leaders. And leaders fall because of what they do that are not good for people and society. Leaders SE their power to hurt the good people but they don’t think they are doing anything wrong. Leaders use worker as object and use their power to get the maximum out of their worker for less. We have seen in many different areas of the world like, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria and many more other countries that people threw out the leaders that were arrogant and use their power to do wrong things that led to their down fall.

Leaders should understand that they can do evil things when they have power but everything depends on people when people want to throw them out they will and they will end their power of evilness. People in the world today want to see those leader who have morals and have strong confidence in their own self. These leaders know that everything revolves around humanism. Leaders must not appear and indecisive in perforating their everyday task. They should be strong. Leaders must know that everything in this world is based upon truth. And if they want to be happy they must blend in with the truth of the universe.

Societies cannot function well without truth. Leader must know that organizations are for people and the leaders should protect it. And they have to protect the interest of people based on truth. Organizations and institutions play big role in society. People should work together to fulfill the basic needs of society. But leaders ignore the needs of people and focus more on their agendas. Organizations have become monster and corrupted. Adders focus on their agenda and ignoring people’s needs leads the organization to destruction and become a cause for leader and organization downfall.

The leaders were responsible for what happened in economy meltdown in 2008. And they played huge role. Some of these leaders are arrogant and do what they want to do instead of listening to what people want them to do. They start their campaign and say everything that people want to hear and make people feel like they care for people and when they have power they will do things for people but that doesn’t happen when they get into power. They don’t think about people all they do is fill their pockets with money and have fun in luxury homes. No one cares about the people.

These leaders don’t have the moral that they should have. They don’t know the character that makes a leader successful. It is happening with people all around the world that leaders are using their people to have power in hand and then forget about the people and society. In most countries people have come to realize that these leaders are not doing anything good for them and that is leading to people losing trust in their leaders. American people believe that we have a leadership crisis in the country today and most American think that United States will decline as a nation if we don’t get better leaders.

There are so many institution in United States that have done damage to their clients, employees, shareholders, and the Nation but the Unites States government bails them out to keep the system going. Organization or institution don’t fail on their own it’s the people who run them. If the people are not getting what they want from an organization and leaders of organization are treating people like they don’t mean nothing to them than that organization is doomed to failure because they might have the power but in the end people will bring it down.

Our leaders are spending trillions of dollars on troops that are in Iraq and Afghanistan they don’t have to spend that much money on them. Leaders can use that money to build new things in United States that would benefit the poor and help people get better life. Just to make few percent of Americans happy they have spent billions on roofs. And nobody cares about the increasing of poverty in United States. This is not the way we do business in United States. In United States we must make the people happy because if the people are not happy than the leaders can be thrown out.

Leader’s power is in the hands of people. United States people need to step up and do what is best for the country and what is best for them instead of listening to cheat leaders who do evil things and have no moral excellence. Most leaders in United States have become all about their money and power. Their ego doesn’t allow them to do what is best for people. They have started to do illegal things to make money faster and be the richest person in the world. Media plays a big role in all of this.

They show people what they want to see. So many young people in United States that were favorites of the people have disappointed the American people. American people should learn that young people will do things that are stupid because they are not that wise. And wisdom comes with age and experience. These leaders should be penalized because fife forgive them and they don’t get any punishment than leaders who come after them will do the same legal and evil things because they would know that won’t be held accountable for it.

We should held our leaders accountable for what they do and punish them for every wrong doing they do. It will send a strong message to the other leaders of the United States that are arrogant and see nothing but their own self and it will also send a strong message to the whole world. We cannot forgive those leaders who make people suffer and who crush people to get what they want. These leaders should be punished so the ones that are doing the wrong things stop doing it and do better things for the people.

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