Sociology and Social Problems

Sociology and Social Problems

Is the Social Problem still an sue today? When the economics expanded after the civil war the needs of laborers needed a Increase yes, most cities were unprepared for the growth yes, a lot has change from the industrial age it is nothing like back then when they were broke into threw they place the people and their different categories of working in those as it was like back then it has completely change we do not have those like we did years ago change in the cities they had three different groups the upper class,middle class and the lower class. He highest was the wealthiest, the middle was the between as in like a stand still and the rower was very bad. Child labor most families had to contribute to the household so they made the children work while the adults needed to do that they needed home was in my opinion the kids should have been doing what the the adults stayed home to do and the adults should have been working yes things started to change after while because kids were not even able to go to school and get their education because of this child labor is nothing today like it was back then. Hey have really changed. Kids today can get their education and go to work as well and if they do not graduate they can no longer work . 2. Explore the Interview Learning Object to learn more about the steps involved in conducting an interview. Select a community worker or volunteer to interview about one of the social issues you researched. Be sure to use the Interview Learning Object as a guide to learn how to contact a volunteer and conduct an interview. 3. Prepare questions for your interview. You will need at least 10 questions.

Eight questions have been provided. Create at least two additional questions to round out the list. 02. 07 Social Problems and Solutions Interview The Social Gospel movement relied on people volunteering their time and beef art to improve social conditions for others. Today, there are many people who volunteer their time to help society at places like soup kitchens, hospice house and boys and girls clubs. Find out more about why people volunteer and how their efforts affect their community and the individuals they help.

Part 2 -? Conduct an interview with a volunteer from your community. Ask the fool lowing questions: What are your reasons for volunteering? To make a difference in the world an d help other who need to be helped more than I do. 2. What is the purpose of the organization for which you volunteer? Providing of d and clothes for the homeless people. 3. What duties do you perform to aid the organization? The duties that are performed is to serve the food,give them clothes as well as help clean the are Why is such an organization needed in your community? Cause there are multiple homeless people are are able to function out here in the real world. 5. What rewards do you receive from your volunteer work? Knowing that I have helped others who can’t help themselves give to them because it makes me fee blessed Of myself as well as knowing that I have helped many others this is a big improved on my own life. 6. What challenges are faced by volunteers in your organization? The difficulties of seeing those struggle way more than others and those who are needing us people to take a hand and help them some will not do that. Hey become stubborn and selfish. Not having a heart. Watching the struggle to survive try Eng hard to make a difference. What has volunteer work helped you learn about yourself? Seeing that even jus SST one person can help make a difference in this world or even the lives of other What have you done that you feel has significantly touched the life of another person? Helped feed the homeless every month and donate clothes to people ho as well needed them, and those who have approached me to give them money to get food, take them to a cheap place to get something to eat. Tuitions like this are really deep and hard and I live to give to those who are really in need more than others. This blesses not one but the both and all the people with in myself that is being helped. Now add two of your own questions in the space below. 1. What was it like when you experienced this? the experience was hard at first because watching those who were in these situations this could have been anyone even me but you take it each day at a time and you get use to it as well I as feel good about yourself. 2. Do you enjoy what you do? Sees, this teacher a lesson to reality and it make you u feel good about yourself let alone you feel good to give back. Prepare a written report or presentation of your findings. Submit it to your et achier along with your completed chart. From the research of mine, seems like social problems always have and seem to always be a problem as well as if it were not for people to even have volunteer any of the social problems it would be even bigger then it was to do, taking the time to To the people who did this for those who need things more than we d .

Set up a phone or inversion interview with your volunteer, and conduct your interview at the scheduled time. Remember, if you are meeting your volunteer in person, you should arrange the meeting in a public place and with your parent or guardian’s permission. 5. Create a written report or presentation that reflects the information obtained from the interview. You may write a traditional report or use Web 2. 0 tools to create a unique presentation.

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