Sociology and Critical Thinking Questions

Sociology and Critical Thinking Questions

What is crime? An action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law. 2. What are three different types of norms? Given an example of each. Standards of behavior, Folkways: Informal and rarely written down. Laws and mores 3. What are surveys used for in criminology? What type of information do they collect? They collect information on common behaviors and actions. Involved giving questionnaires to a group of individuals or respondents. They can also be giving face to face 4. What is cactus reuse?

Is the actual act that the person is accused of to be convicted the evidence must support the accusation that the person committed the crime 5. How are crime and deviance related? Do they represent the same actions? Deviance is a simple act that goes against societies norms as a crime Asian action that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted and is punishable by law. Critical Thinking Questions 1. Mile Druthers argues that deviance is beneficial to society in a number of ways, such as showing us where the boundaries of acceptable behavior are and that it can bring a group together.

Do you agree or disagree with his argument that deviance can be beneficial? Why? 2. If you were going to study some aspect of crime, what research method would you use? Why would you use this method? What advantages would this method give you as you studied your topic? Criminology methods 3. Why do you think that we should study crime and criminals? What information might we gain by doing so? We should study them because it helps us stop them 4. Why do you think defining crime is so difficult? Give an example of a situation in which a “crime” might not be considered a crime?

If you are using self defense. 5. Criminology combines the theories and insights of a number of different disciplines as well as adding its own insight about crime and criminals. Do you think this interdisciplinary approach is positive or negative for understanding crime? What benefits or disadvantages might it have for the field?

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