Sociology Amish society

Sociology Amish society

How does the culture and community of the Amiss differ from that of American society in general? Amiss society is very different from American society. Both societies have different beliefs and value very different things. The Amiss reject modern advances, while the rest of America is constantly striving for the latest technology. The Amiss believe in humility and religion above most everything else in life. They have very simple lives and believe in surviving with just the necessities.

They are very community and family oriented. Americans put more value on money, material possessions, coming “successful,” and having fun. Most Americans are independent and fend for themselves, while the Amiss work together as a community and are very close. 3. At a time when Americans highly value technological developments, why do you think the Amiss reject these advances? I think the Amiss reject modern advancements because they don’t want to lose sight of what they feel is most important.

They feel that they are “a chosen people of God,” and they want to remain humble. They also believe in equality among all of their people, so no one has more than another. If technology and material possessions entered heir lives, it would promote competition among their people. They probably fear that it would be a threat to their way of living, and people would forget about ‘Whap is really important. ” 1. What is postmodernism?

Postmodernism began as something to question the ideas of modernism. Post modernists distrust science since they believe scientific facts are products of social processes and bias just like everything else. They view culture as a series of ideas, images, symbols, and media. Postmodernism basically says that there is no set definition of reality and that the world is indefinable, always changing and evolving. 2. In what ways have the Amiss accommodated to modern and postmodern society?

Although the Amiss reject most modern technological advances, they have accommodated modern society in some ways. These more modern Amiss people are known as Mennonites. They have the same religious beliefs as the old Amiss people, but are less strict about the way one should live. The Mennonites accept some modern technologies and higher education. For example, in the DVD, the Mennonites used modernized farm equipment and automobiles.

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