My family was planning on going to dinner

My family was planning on going to dinner

The norm that I will be violating is eating soup with a fork at olive garden with my family. My family was planning on going to dinner so I thought a good norm to break is to eat my soup with a fork. I didn’t tell my parents about me doing this. Thought this was a good norm to break because it’s not something you typically see. As soon as my soup was going to be served I was going to grab the fork and try to eat my soup but make it seem I had a hard time doing it.

Before was I going to do this I thought to myself what will happen when I violated this norm. I was thinking that my parents will call me weird or suggest going with the spoon. I also predicted that the waiter was going to say something or just give me dirty looks. So overall I predicted that the biggest reaction from breaking this norm was my family. So around seven I and my family went to olive garden, and we sat in a booth. My mom, dad, and sister went. When we sat down I looked around and there as another family across from us they were kind of close.

When the waiter comes to take our order ordered and asked for a soup, and no one else in my family ordered a soup. About 10 minutes later my soup came and I grabbed my fork. As soon as he put my soup down I started eating it. The first reaction got was from my sister, and she said “Louis that’s a fork your spoon is right there. I said know and continued eating, and my sister just gave me a dirty look. The waiter saw me but didn’t give a reaction he just walked away. As was eating I can just feel my parents staring at me.

They just saw me struggle eating soup with a fork. It got frustrating really quick because I wasn’t catching anything. Then my mom asked why I was eating with a fork and I told her “cause I feel like it” because couldn’t explain why was eating like this. Then she called me weird and looked at my dad. My dad reaction was just him looking at me like was stupid and at one point he put a spoon next to my hand. Then they just forgot and ignored it and just moved on to dinner.

Typically soup is eaten with a spoon and not a fork so that’s how was violating a norm. I felt awkward especially when my parents were staring me down. I did predict that my parents were going to think it was weird and not normal, and they even called me out on it. It thinks they reacted like this because it’s not typical. Social norms are just so planted in your head that if you break them society will thinks it’s not normal, and think different about you. Even this simple norm that broke got me weird looks from my own family.

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