Famous Marxist sociologist Benson

Famous Marxist sociologist Benson

From his analysis he argued that family performs four basic functions that are applicable to all societies Sexual, reproduction, economic and educational which is essential for passing on culture from one generation to another. Parsons argues that family persons two basic functions which are common to all societies. -Parson argues that no other social institution can provide warmth, security and mutual support necessary for the successful primary solicitation of individuals. Stabilization of adult personalities that is he emphasis on martial relationship and the emotional security the couples provide for each other. This balances the stress and strains of every day life. Marxist sociologists argue that capitalism uses the family to oppresses women, and the harmful consequences of the family to women’s lives. Capitalism benefits from a large army of women, an unpaid workforce, who are compliant and willing to do as they re told because women have been socialized to act this way.

A famous Marxist sociologist Benson said: “The rage amount of unpaid labor performed by women is very large and very profitable to those who own the means of production. ” For Marxist feminists the family is also a site of social class reproduction. The family reproduces the attitudes, ideals and expectations essential for the reproduction of ruling- class values as identified. Marxist feminist Fran Angles who grabs hold of Parsons’ view of the family as functioning to stabilize adult personalities and turns into Marxist idea.

She sees the ‘function’ of the family (particularly the fife) as being an ’emotional safety-valve’ absorbing the husbands frustrations created by the capitalist system. By doing this, the wife helps keep capitalism stable – this explanation sees society in conflict rather than consensus. In monomer mind Austria society the divorce rate is increasing drastically because of few reasons. Women have become more financially independent of their husbands, religious values have become less important, the process of gaining a divorce has been made easier.

In past few years, more alternatives to families have emerged which decrease the number Of nuclear family for example cohabitation or civil partnership is no longer seen as deviant behavior, and in some countries it is made legal. Other alternatives to family are Lone parent family, single person household, new man. The rights of parent on children is decreasing, for e. G children’s rights derive from laws designed to protect them from harm, such as preventing parents from using excessive force when disciplining their child.

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