Honduras has earn itself the deadliest city in Honduras for the second year in a row

Honduras has earn itself the deadliest city in Honduras for the second year in a row

In 2011 Honduras was listed as the country with the highest murder rate in the world. Averaging an approximant total of 3 murders per day these gangs will do anything to prove that are superior. As many may wonder why is this city and country is so high in reported deaths, the gangs knows as the MIS 3 (Mar Calculators) and the Called 18 could tell you exactly why. We are going to respect their territory, but let them also respect our territory, so that the violence creases,” is what a member of the Called 18 told CNN reports in a interview. (CNN. Com) The two gangs are in a war against each over power and territory. Gangs such as these can be compared to other criminal organizations such as the Italian Mafia as they share many same characteristics. Gangs of this magnitude such as the MS 13, estimated to have over 10,000 members worldwide will claim territories in which they control.

Within these territories there are many businesses and vendors in which these gangs will bring in revenue aside from drugs but going to these businesses and vendors harming them a fee every month that they say is for protection. These fee’s are typically set very high and if they can not afford to pay it they must close down their business but if they fail to do so without paying they will receive a quite gruesome consequence which normally is death.

As the government tryst to persuade the two gangs to create a peace treaty in attempts to lower the murder rate, which was proven successful in the neighboring country of El Salvador which reported a dramatic decrease of murders of 52%, there are any factors in which are preventing this treaty to happen. “We cannot have a truce with other people who do not think like we do,”(CNN. Com) is what said to reporters by an MS 1 3 representative, in other words saying we will not do a peace treaty unless the Called 18 gang agrees to do what we tell them.

Which is a big problem due to the fact that the reason behind this gang war is over power. Another conflict that presented by a Called 18 that could potentially lower the murder rate is that the government should help people find jobs, which would make logical sense due to the fact that most members join these gangs due to the lack of revenue income. As the gangs continue to use symbols to intimidate one another such as killing innocent civilians to prove a point that they will do anything and nothing will get in their way.

The government much now go back and construct a new plan of convincing both gangs to reduce the murders and still keep the gangs content. If the government cannot propose a new way of making the people feel safe and not have to worry if it will be their last day alive but if after the gangs do not mom to an agreement the conflict will reoccur and if the government cannot assist on the job issue or in assisting to convince the gangs to have a truce.

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