Traditional Sumo wrestler

Traditional Sumo wrestler

So what marina bay sands wants as an idea to attract more Japanese tourists to visit Singapore more is that they want to bring back sumo wrestling but in another context in following the hugely popular World Wrestling Entertainment style. First things first, Sumo wrestling is a traditional sport that dated back centuries ago whereas WE was started by a boxing promoter by the name of Redbrick James “jess” McMahon and a professional wrestler at the time named, Joseph Raymond “Toots” Monde.

Back in the early days of sumo wrestling, it was used as a trial of strength and t associated with the Shinto Ritual whereas WE is solely on just making money. So what MOBS doing is clever, by bringing sumo wrestling to Singapore but changing the format of it into a WE style, it not only will attract Japanese tourists but as well as people that are interested in WE. People from all over the world can come to Singapore and enjoy because it is not solely just sumo wrestling. Sumo wrestling is a sport that only the Japanese would know because only sumo wrestling is practiced in their country.

If MOBS were to ring back Sumo Wrestling along with its tradition, it will only appeal to most Japanese people and tourists but people that is not interested in the sport will not contribute to the revenues of MOBS and only the Japanese will benefit from this. Using this way of attracting tourists, it will only increase the revenue of MOBS and Singapore economy will only benefit from this. However, you have to consider the fact that MOBS is only doing this to increase their marketing purposes and their revenue. Based on conflict theory, by changing the format of Sumo wrestling, the Japanese would be upset.

Why? The meaning and tradition of Sumo wrestling is not the same anymore. Traditional Sumo wrestler would not have the same passion for the sport anymore. In traditional Sumo wrestling, women are to be supportive to their husband and they are not allowed to be near the sumo wrestling ring as they would break the purity of the ring By modernizing the sport into a WE format, the history of sumo wrestling will be forgotten in an instant and in the near future, most people of the world won’t even know that sumo wrestling even existed.

Furthermore, in such an Open society like Singapore, where the country encourages women rights, both genders would be able to attend the sumo wrestling matches that will be organized by MOBS. Organization like MOBS controlled by the government would argue that by doing this, they are able to attract more tourists to come and visit Singapore and of course, catch a wrestling match at MOBS.

However, people that object to this, mainly the Japanese living in Singapore can only protest and complain but they cannot do anything about it because it is the Singapore Government that holds the rower to change the format of the sport because it is held in Singapore, not overseas. So for the benefit of more revenue and the higher economy, the Singapore government of the organization team that came up with the idea does not really care about the history and tradition.

Sure it is a good and innovative way of increasing our revenue but some things just need to be sacrifice and in this case, the history and tradition of sumo wrestling will be forgotten in the near future. Singapore and Japan would also have disagreements over the change of format for sumo wrestling. Sumo wrestling is Japan’s national sport and by taking the sport and modernizing it, Singapore and MOBS is taking away the heritage, history and tradition of sumo wrestling of Japan’s national sport.

Sumo wrestling is Japan’s pride and they are proud of it. The organization might be able to argue that more Japanese would be attracted to visit Singapore because of this. But by changing the format of sumo wrestling to a WE style, I don’t think the Japanese would enjoy the trip for the match because they won’t be able to see the true tradition of Sumo wrestling. They would think that this is a joke or a prank about Sumo wrestling because the change of format would be a disgrace based on my opinion because it is their pride.

Sumo wrestling is a sport that lasted centuries ago and is still going strong in Japan. By changing the format, MOBS will benefit along with the economy of Singapore but the Japanese in Singapore or around of the world aware of this will be angered by the change of their culture, their pride, their religion. In conclusion, I am able to conclude that by changing the format Of sumo wrestling, the tradition Of SUmo restring would be affected and the sacred rules would be broken.

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