Supports the Marxist theory

Supports the Marxist theory

Also, when big business owners have children he business will pass down to them which means the rich will stay rich and the poor will stay poor as it is harder for them to get a good change. Middle and lower class people are taught in schools the rules and how to respect the higher class. This supports the Marxist theory as it shows how the family does help the interests Of capitalism. Also, Engel’s argued that the family developed so that males were sure to have paternity, we see this through how marriage allows control over a woman’s sexual role.

Some functionalists would say that he family provides key functions for society but the Marxist might be ignoring the benefits of some of these functions. Another function Is education. This supports the capitalists as more wealthy children will get better education and better recourses which helps them become more successful and have a better chance at succeeding with businesses etc. But lower class and middle class children only get standard education which puts them behind when trying to get a job.

Also all the resource’s used in schools will be bought from shops which will also help the owner and help sustain the fatalist society. The family is known for its large use of consumer goods. A sociologist called Caretakers says that unpaid domestic work and the family is a large unit of consumption. For example, Families are targeted by the media when it comes to advertisements to buy products. The family also shows comfort to those who do not work and helps them to carry on. This shows that the Marxist view is supported as once again we once see that the family is supporting capitalism.

Some socialists criticism Caretakers negative outlook n society, because some people like their jobs and are not alienated and if they was, the family might not provide help. This shows that Marxist to not consider the different family types and therefore do not offer a holistic as to roles of the family. In conclusion, the Marxist do support the interests of the capitalist society. This is because all of the 4 functions point towards helping the capitalists and other research also supports the theory. Sociology 24 marks – Using material from item b and elsewhere assess the capitalism.

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