Sociology: two sociological concepts

Sociology: two sociological concepts

Pick two sociological concepts and use one concept to critique the other. OPTION TWO: Locating Sociology in Lived Experience Describe a sociological idea or concept that you have observed or experienced in everyday life; then speculate about what social forces have sensitizes you such that you were drawn to pick that particular idea or concept. OPTION THREE: unpacking the Minority Experience – Dominant groups, Social Forces and Minority Experience Identify a minority social group, culture or community that is impacted on by the social forces and norms of the dominant culture.

Describe some of how hose impacts take place and some of their effects. OPTION FOUR: Locating Key Concepts in History and the Present. Describe the concepts of Ecclesiastical and Gamesmanship and then identify some of the ways these two key sociological concepts can be seen operating in today’s societies. Assessment criteria sociological Essay 2013: CUTS 5970 – weighting 50%. The following criteria will be used in the assessment of the essay. Criterion Explanation and Representative Grade Range – Please read the attached material on marking course grade calculation and general criteria for award inning grades.

D Indication of percentage value for overall course grade Relevance Did you answer the question? How well have you undertaken the task with material, references and discussion which relate directly to the topic or question? Have you used a broad range of relevant sources? Excellent task achievement Very good task achievement Good task achievement Task adequately achieved Task minimally achieved Task not achieved – and – potential evident Task not achieved with major gaps 20 % value Depth Of understanding How much you actually understand.

The extent to which you have grasped the ideas and concepts discussed and have demonstrated an understanding of these through your discussions. Excellent task achievement 10% value Clarity, presentation and register How easy the assignment is to read. Is your assignment well structured, clearly stated and accurately referenced? How well have you communicated ideas and concepts? Have you used the appropriate register? Excellent task achievement Very good task ACH pavement Task not achieved -? and -? potential evident value Original thought New ideas.

The extent to which you have taken the Ideas and concepts presented in your discussion and reflected on these in terms of their relevance to your argument in a creative and original manner. Excellent task achievement Grade and comments SOME USEFUL INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS ABOUT HOW MARKING HAP P E All work is marked by staff, in most cases the marker is also your lecturer or the person who facilitates tutorials and break-out groups. All work is moderated; this means that where there is more than one marker marked essays are compared for consistency of grading.

Before grades are finalized another staff member who does not teach on the course checks the marking for fairness and appropriateness of grades and comments. We know that completing assignments can take a lot of effort and commitment. Your work is important, can often be an expression of who you re, and deserves respect. If you think a mark you’ve received is unfair you are entitled to ask for a remark. If you simply have a question about why you received a specific mark it is important to follow this up.

The following is from our Programmer Handbook and explains how marks are calculated from a numerical weighting to a final grade. United uses an 1 1 point scale. 1 Course grades will be determined by mathematical aggregation of weighted assessment marks and allocated as follows: Course Grades Grade Percentage Rest It 90 – 100 pass 85 – 89 Pass 80 – 84 75 – 79 70- 74 65 – 69 60 – 64 c 55 – 59 c- 0 – 54 40 – 49 o- 39 Fail The following are the sorts of broader criteria that markers keep in mind in deciding what grade to give an essay. It’s useful to look at these to gain a richer understanding of what your grade means.

Criteria for Awarding Grades The following criteria will be used to determine grades within the Bachelor of Social Practice: 2 An A grade means a pass with distinction, demonstrating excellence according to the following criteria: Assignments are comprehensive in their treatment of the topic; There is an in-depth understanding and analysis of the issues involved; The treatment of information and the argumentation is at a high level; There is evidence of originality and creativity; There is evidence of wide reading, and the ability to integrate cohesively and synthesize theory and experience in a wide range of situations; Ideas and relationships are challenged; Theories are deconstructed and reconstructed introducing and justifying new paradigms; There is a high level of accuracy; There is a high level of appropriate communication and presentation; and Written work is accurately and appropriately referenced through out. A B grade means a pass mark with merit, demonstrated according to the allowing criteria: Assignment are comprehensive and perceptive in their treatment of the topic although there may be weak or unsubstantiated arguments at one or two points; There is a clear understanding but limited critical analysis of the issues involved; A sound argument is developed and there is an attempt to sustain it; There is evidence of reading and/or research however the integration of source material and theory with practice is limited; Theories are compared but not critically; There is evidence of attempted deconstruction and reconstruction of central theories and models; Good level of appropriate communication and presentation; Referencing is generally accurate there may be omissions or errors of a minor nature; and Overall, assessments are clearly organized, although there may be some sections lacking in this respect.

A C grade is a pass, demonstrated according to the following criteria: The task has been fulfilled in that the essential points have been introduced, but there are several aspects that are missing, undeveloped or inaccurate; Assessments are generally competently presented although there are minor omissions or limited analysis; There is a lack- of ability to contrast and compare theories and ideas; The work communicates an awareness of the main ideas or areas of thought but lacks critical analysis; and The Organization and quality of ideas may be limited and support for arguments is evident but minimal. A D grade is a fail, with the following characteristics: The task has not been fulfilled; Information is presented indiscriminately; There are frequent inaccuracies; There are serious problems with the presentation or the referencing; Comments that demonstrate analysis and a clear understanding are either very limited or absent; Theoretical perspectives are not applied, or are applied in an implausible way; and High reliance on retelling of source material.

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