As a child growing up my family has told me a lot of things about politics

As a child growing up my family has told me a lot of things about politics

That is why I would say that my family has influenced me on my political views. My parents has told me that they wanted to do things more of a traditional right of way, but if a changed has to be made then they would go with it because in a society we are living there a lot of things that are happenings that we can’t always preserve the traditional rights. For example the shooting massacre that has happened at different school the last few years has really gotten the attention of our family.

My family would say it is okay to keep a gun only for self-defense, but if people start using it for different purposes then it literally raises some question about having more of a strict gun law or not. Like my dad says he would like to see a change in gun control after all those massacre that has happened especially after the Connecticut elementary shooting. Having a gun means you have to be really responsible and a mature adult, because you can’t just carry a gun around the work and always say it is for a self-defense.

In the oral we live in people are from different Race/Ethnicity some people say they can tell if a person is Asian because the he or she looks, but skin color, and physical appearance cannot justify one’s race. But Race is not a biological but instead a social construct while Ethnicity is related to cultural factors like engage, Ancestry, Beliefs, and Culture. After reading through “Where Race Lives” and taking the “Human Variation Quiz. ” would say that have learned a lot of important things about race. First did not really think that social security was first given to white people rather than having all workers have social security.

Even though skin color, height diseases are all genetic factors that a person has, it cannot define what one person race is. I used to work in McDonald’s and every time when I serve a Latino or Hispanic customers they would talk to me in Spanish, and I think it’s because of the way look. And it really makes me mad because I’m not Latino or Hispanic, just because I look Latino or Hispanic which most Filipino do, but it doesn’t mean can speak Spanish. Colonization is the ways people develop or learn how to fit in the society, for me school is important because am learning how to behave think the way a person should.

Without school I don’t think I would be able to live with myself alone, school has taught to set goals in life and achieve those goals one by one. Right now my goal is to finish my studies and become a nurse, so that I could repay my parents for the things they have given to me. When you are in a different country people will have a Stereotype for you, and it is when people refer to the attribute people think characterizing a roof, when I was living in Florida my friend thought I eat dog because they have heard news about Filipino eating, but I don’t.

Just because I am Filipino they constituting eat dog, but there are some Filipino who eat dog and those people are primarily from provinces. For me dog is friend and if you have one you should treat it the way you do your family. In the Philippines there are a lot people of who suffers from poverty thus making the Life Chances low unlike in the United States. Life chances created by Marx Webber contributes to a person’s success in life Was their family economically table? Did they go to school as children?

Growing up as a kid in the Philippines have seen family who are not in a good shape, meaning the parent are working hard just to put food in the table and send their kids to school to have a good education. But most family cannot afford to put food in the table, forcing their kid to drop out of school and work whether it’s in construction or selling street food on the side of the road, they do not care how hard the job is, as long as they can provide food for their family they would do it.

Unlike here in the United States most family who are living in poverty are being help by the government by providing them food stamps and free education from kindergarten through high school. All of these sociology concepts contribute on how socializing connects people from each other. Whether through their family or Race people will learn how to do different things by interacting with other people. That is why colonization is a bigger part of human life, without it people won’t be able to learn how to work together and know each others culture, ancestry, and language.

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