The institutional relations

The institutional relations

Madrid describes minority individuals entering social institutions through the jack door, front door, side door and window. Discuss what he means by this and describe the institutional relations that often result. There are limitations to which people are accepted due to race, class and gender. There are also ways they have to go about handling the fact that they are the “other”. Which ever way way possible you should keep pushing until you gain the results of equality.

The institutional relations that often comes from this leads to people demanding equal rights and tension between different groups of individuals. Reading 2 “Chapels and Gym Shorts: An Indian Muslim Women In the Land of Oz,” Lamas Assayed What are the Muslim marriage traditions to which Lamas Assayed is expected to adhere? The Muslim traditions that Lamas Assayed is expected to follow are getting married to whom her parents choose in a timely manner they expect.

Also following Muslim traditions by wearing the hijack, a traditional headscarf and wearing clothing that covers her body. Along with cooking, cleaning and taking care of her chosen husband. What factors caused Lamas Assayed to question gender equality in her culture? The things that made Lamas Assayed question gender equality in her culture were the arranged marriages and how they make the women wear the hijack. They were to cover up for the purpose Of modesty and self protection. Which made Lamas Assayed feel as if she was covering up who she was as a person.

What elements of Lamas Seaweed’s culture appear to be the most challenging for her to embrace? Think the elements that are hard for Lamas Assayed to embrace are the ones that are bias towards women. Due to the fact that she is a feminist. Also the way parents control who they are to marry because she is already in a relationship and has a crush. Reading 3 “From a Native Daughter,” Hanna I-Kay Trash Is the failure of historians to learn the Hawaiian language the result of inorganic or ethnocentric bias? Please explain your answer.

The failure of historians to learn the Hawaiian language was ignorance. They didn’t want to learn the language. They feel as though it’s not important. When in fact it is key to understanding a culture. Why is language so important to understanding a people’s culture and heritage? Language is important to understand a people’s culture and heritage because they identify themselves with their country not only through culture but language also. A language can tell of your heritage and background. It also gives insight to the type of people they are.

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