Sociology: solicitation of the young

Sociology: solicitation of the young

One functionalist that has an understanding of he family is Morocco (1949); Morocco argued that the family provides four essential functions for society. One of these functions is a stable satisfaction of the sex drive, this is important to our society as it satisfies peoples urges in a civilized way which prevents having a ‘free for all’. Another function is the reproduction Of the next generation, this is important to our society because without this, society wouldn’t continue as there would not be any new generations to carry it on.

A further function is the solicitation of the young, this is important to our society because it enables young people to share arms and values in society. The last function is meeting its members economic needs, this is important to society as it provides food, shelter etc. In order for people in society to survive. Another functionalist who has an understanding of the family is Parsons (1955); Parsons ideas kept the functionalist views up to date by his functional fit theory.

Parsons distinguished between two types of family which were the nuclear family and the extended family. The nuclear family consisted of just parents and dependent children living in the same household whereas the extended Emily consisted of three generations living in the same household. In a traditional and pre-industrial society, extended families were more common because more families lived together in order to support and look after each other e. G. O enable parents to work while the grandparents help with childcare. However now that we live in a more modern industrial society due to transport becoming easier and cities becoming more important, nuclear families are now more common as families need to become more geographically and socially mobile in order to be a best fit for society. Also, Parsons believed that as society industrialists and families change their structure, it loses many of its functions such as work moving out of the family and into factories.

The family is now only responsible for two essential functions which are the primary solicitation of children and the stabilization of adult personalities. Primary solicitation is important to our society as it is solicitation for early years where children are taught norms and values and the stabilization of adult personalities is important as it helps to balance out stresses and strains of everyday working life for adults. Even though functionalists have a good understanding Of the family, there are also many criticisms.

One criticism is that the ideas on family life can be old fashioned such as Morocco’s view on sex drive, this is old fashioned because a lot of couples are having sex and starting families out of wedlock. Another criticism is that ideas are very patriarchal and are very male dominated which doesn’t reflect on modern gender CEQ laity. A further criticism is that Parsons believed that in modern industrial society, all families are nuclear which is untrue as mom families are still extended and there are also other types of families such as single parent families, not all families are nuclear unlike what Parsons believed.

A fourth criticism is that the way functionalists outline family is by making every family life sound positive and happy however family life isn’t in fact always positive, this is known as the ‘dark side of the family this is because some families suffer with domestic violence and child abuse and it isn’t going away. A last criticism is that functionalism is based on consensus; his is a criticism because not everyone agrees on the same norms and values and agrees on wanting the same thing in society.

In conclusion, functionalists are a big influence on our understanding of families today as they have come up with many ideas which are highly influential. However, I think that Parsons understanding of the family was a lot better than Morocco’s as Morocco had a lot old fashioned ideas that did not relate to most family life, where are Parsons was a more recent understanding therefore was more aware of the family life in modern industrial society.

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