The social “norm” of the location

The social “norm” of the location

Teenagers obviously do not change no matter what country you are in, most are gathered in common areas of the shopping center closest to the food courts laugh and socializing in their respective ‘fin crowd”. If it wasn’t for the different languages and signs being in German loud swear I was at a mall in my home town. SOCIAL NORMS OF LOCATION The social “norm” of the location is either social related with people talking with friends or they are the speed shopper, they come in looking for that item get it and get out.

If had to give a macro-social observation I see it is mostly contributed to the shoppers over all experience and satisfaction. If the shopper went into a store and came out relatively annoyed am to assume that the goods and or services that person was looking for was not met. If they came out with bag in and or sustained the mood they had or improved can assume that their needs were met. The micro-social observation I get from individuals is an emotional one based on their individual reactions to the pleasure of shopping, the dominance of customer service and the arousal of finding what they were looking for.

If we deviate from the shopping experience and focus on the social one from person to person the over-all tone is met with excitement when two friends make a meet in an area which Is met by some form of physical greeting and salutation whether it is a hug, hand-shake, kiss on the cheek, it ally varies depending on their nationality and the intimacy of their relationship. People being introduce have to basic reactions they are either inverted to the meeting and seem uncomfortable with the situation they were brought in or they are extroverted and their main purpose is to make sure they are remembered by the other party.

Each person is different in this unchanging environment, nothing really changes here just the influx of people. If there is one thing that is universal it is the dislike from poor customer service, which is usually et by yelling, temper tantrums from adults and if you watch the news sometimes even violence, we all know what Black Friday is in the states. A particular gentleman took his frustrations out at a coffee shop chain employee, from what I am assuming is a botched order but cannot be sure do to the language barrier.

There was yelling and rapid arms movements, and one Very upset employee who faced the music like a champ before he threw his beverage into the trash in front of her and stormed off. Often incontinence or poor costumer service is met with a negative reaction which n turn is met by the same reaction which is highly heated, and draws attention often making other shoppers feeling uncomfortable and unhappy with the sudden change in atmosphere.

The conclusion I got from this exercise is a common one which we hear all the time, every person is different, not even an ocean can disprove that theory. Everyone has their own idea what is acceptable behavior in a public forum and some people just do not care how others perceive them. I am going to go with the idea that much of it has to do with family up bringing and what they were taught to be right and wrong.

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