The behaviors that are used within the different systems of society

The behaviors that are used within the different systems of society

It overrides the way people perceive their personal linings and the desires that they may have. The way that people act in public such as their workplace or in a public setting such as restaurant may vary if they are alone due to that it could become socially unacceptable for people to yell and scream in public if they were excited about a promotion or good news than if they were to receive that news while within their home environment. The components of social structure are spread equally over culture, social class, roles, groups and the institutions where people may work.

The behaviors that are used within the different systems of society re learned behaviors that can depend on different factors such as changes in globalization, local cultures and shifts in social classes. Using social structure to help shape our society can be important because without it then people may not have interpersonal relationships with other people such as people they work with but possibly also they may not be able to maintain personal relationships with their friends and family members.

The country that we lived in would struggle with globalization with the economy becoming a major issue due to it would either grow or would stay at a stand -still thou it. The economy responds to the growth of modernity of globalization. As important as social structure is, at times it is not always important part of society because social structure is always changing at a rapid rate with society’s values and beliefs changing and new technology being introduced all the time.

The process of solicitation is used when describing social interaction. It is used when society is discussing the shaping of individual personalities, their characteristics and their social identity (Plumper, Sociology the basics, 2011 It could be said that the way society is s part of modernity process of individualism, society friends, families and the media could play a bigger part in shaping the way people see the society that they live in than the use of social structure.

Lurch Beck introduced the term “individualism” as a way to describe the way in which the changes had occurred between families, community relationships and thinking had changed from post modernity pre industrial times to the more modern times of a modern era, whereas Coffman wanted to go deeper and to find out why social interactions were more co- operative and orderly (Germen & Poole , Doing public Sociology, 2011).

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