Sociology – live in poverty

Sociology – live in poverty

There are people that specialize in providing services to individuals who live in poverty. Working at the Department of Job and Family Services, non-profit organizations focusing on homeless and low-income individuals are a few examples of these jobs. Those who serve and protect individuals living in poverty would be without employment. Poverty can also boost morale. Those in middle class and upper classes see people living in, and can feel better about themselves by realizing they do not have it that bad. On the other end, poverty can also serve as a motivator for hard work.

When people find themselves suffering manically, they experience what it is like to live in poverty and will most likely enjoy it. They work for better living conditions by increasing productivity and efficiency to ensure that they stay out of poverty. Conflict theory states that outside forces prevent an individual or group from achieving a desired goal or certain aspect of living. When relating to poverty, most people would like to be able to move up in their social class in order to have a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

The per classes are usually the element that prevents people from doing this. Education and jobs are examples of some of the problems lower classes face. Lower classes are less likely to be able to stay in school, because they have to work jobs in order to support themselves and their families, so as a result some don’t graduate. This will then limit job opportunities that these groups will be able to pursue. If they graduate from High School, then they would have to figure out how to pay for college.

The higher class a job is, the more education you need, and the low class just does not have the same chance to be successful as the high class. The restrictions that we place on the ability for all to have an equal chance are greatly conjoined with outside sources, such as needing rent money, food, and time to obtain these resources. Society sets these groups up for failure, which is the basic idea of Conflict theory. While both of these theories believe that their beliefs benefit the society the most, they both have very different methods of achieving this goal.

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