Certain type of behavior considered deviant

Certain type of behavior considered deviant

One can see how a behavior s considered deviant, but the question is, ‘I,vhf is a certain type of behavior considered deviant? ‘ This paper will take a particular deviant behavior, which is drug use and examine why this behavior is labeled as deviant. By using theoretical approaches, this paper will provide the reader an explanation of how the society using drugs. Throughout history, all human societies have used drugs, but it hasn’t been until recently considered deviant behavior. Drug use was seen only as a personal problem, but today’s societies, in general, condemns drug use.

There are many reasons for this perception of rug use in our society today. Methodology I conducted this observation from my vehicle that was parked within close range on the opposite side of the main street, right next to the stop sign of Ionic Avenue. And with an unobstructed view of the observation site. It was difficult to hear distance conversation so most of my data relied on visual details that were documented in my notes and I had to turn off the radio so that nobody will pay attention to me pretending that was ignoring everyone around my car, until I moved to the other side of the main street hoping to ear their conversation.

Then I parked my car in front of the “Camper food market” trying to get closer. Remained in my old car safely unnoticed for near 30 minutes trying to take some filed notes and suddenly I heard a lot of conversations, I tried to write some of these conversations down but couldn’t because most of it was in a different language mostly Spanish. One of the Hispanic guys from the group crossed the street came up to me and ask if I was all set and a couple of his buddies were watching and giving me a very bad look.

I was thinking of going down to buy something from the racket while I was taking notes, so I got out of my car and I took some money from my bucket to pay for the parking and one of these guys were behind me asked if I would help him with 50 cent while he was showing the innocent face and the rest of his buddies looking at my hand, I did not really know what they were thinking of. That’s truly made me feel totally unsafe so decided to leave the scene. Data and findings From across the street where I was parked, was able to hear the conversations taking place between several Hispanic exchanging aggressive gestures.

They are standing in front of the aurora hotel blocking the main entrance way to the building as they appear to be making a drug deal. One of them was cautiously handing a small bag to a young black guy wearing a hooded who quickly left the scene. Also, I saw several black ladies leaving the aurora who stopped to talk with a Hispanic and white women using inappropriate language to each other, and one of them was leaning against the building to keep herself from falling over.

Suddenly, I heard one of the black guys was screaming “you F-KC you need it back” to one of the black dies that were standing with the Hispanic and the white women, do not know what he was talking about but clearly he seems very angry. As this was occurring, behind them was an old man with the runny nose laying down against the building that no one seem to notice. Meant to show my old car and dress acceptable for such as place like this to show that was very simple trying not to look in their eyes because I knew they will make a big deal of it.

In the end before leaving the scene I felt like I had put myself in dangerous trying to collect some information. They live there and they spend most of heir time there in Main Street, and most of the people know who the real dealers are. Also I saw one of the cups parked in front of the market five minutes before leave and everyone start acting normally! Interpretation There were several behavior patterns that could easily be overlooked by an indifferent by stander the few unsuspecting pedestrians who passed through the area.

The small group I observed was familiar and casual with the people that were interacting with and were easily aware of the activities occurring around them. Another important observation was there use of subtle body engage more so than conversation in communicative with each other, most of the observation was body language and how they were communication with each other by hands. Some of the people that observed seems they knew each other for long time.

What was most interesting to me was the assimilation of this deviant activity in the presence of law abiding citizens going about their business as if nothing unusual was occurring. What actually worries me that I have seen young people like me and older and even a couple high school teenagers with a dual diagnosis who uses drugs to deal tit their symptoms rather than deal with what is causing them. Conclusion Although the use and selling of illegal drugs is classified in our society as deviant behavior, it remains a norm in many neighborhoods in our city of Worcester.

With the popularity of smart phones, many of the interactions witnessed were coordinated beforehand to assure a brief inconspicuous drug sale. To automatically assume that drug activity is a major problem that mainly occurs in downtown areas, is an inaccurate assumption considering how conveniently illegal drugs can be bought and sold, on small street ornery as the one I observed and when those young people were dealing with drugs even when all objective medical evidence points to the dangers of doing so.

The question remains whether this subculture will become an accepted norm as it has in music of the pop music culture and if it can be assimilated as a fault of life into the societies’ main street. The main theory of this observation is more likely to be symbolic interactions that sees society as the product of individuals interacting with one another, according to the drug dealers and how they used their body language to communicate.

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