Sociology – using the TARA bus

Sociology – using the TARA bus

Some of the common values held in the U. S. Include striving to get a good education, being successful, and having a career. Norms on a bus, is behaving properly or/ and follow the rules given. Most people in our society do follow the guidelines. When choosing a location to do my observation, chose to ride the TARA bus to see the different types of groups interacting with one another. There were multiple people getting on and off the bus. Also, there was not just picture on the bus, but also counterculture on the bus.

There were younger people using the TARA bus than older people. So, an older lady was shocked at how this younger lady that took action when a white guy said the phrase, “What’s up my n*gag? ” The young lady responded back with, “What’s up? ” See in the 60- year-old lady’s lifetime, she isn’t used to hearing a different race saying “n*gag” unless it’s used as an insult. So the older lady said, “Excuse me? ” Then the young lady explained to her that that’s how the younger generation” greets each other, no matter what the color of your skin complexion.

Then the white guy apologized to the both of the women and said he wouldn’t do it again. The language that today’s society is completely different from decades ago. Another thing seen was the use of technology. Almost everyone on the TARA bus had a cell phone. Most people used their cell phones for nonverbal communication, such as testing or on social networks to interact with their friends online. I even saw people either laughing or smiling at their phones. I lived that it must of been something funny they seen or someone tested them something sweet to have that big of a smile on their face.

Throughout the bus ride, people use symbols such as gestures and objects to communicate to one another. Lastly, I observed how people treated one another. It an older lady who got on the bus and a young make was sitting down, he got up and let the woman sit down. Also, this happened with the handicap people. If a person had a wheelchair, everyone that sat in the front would have to get up so he/she would have a spot on the bus. Those two are not just norms, but also gender role plays a part of letting a female sit while a man stands.

Norms plays a big part when riding the TARA bus because there are any informal norms that the society follows, yet there are formal norms that are written down in front of the bus that each person is supposed to follow or if not, could possibly get kicked off the bus. To conclude, as seen in my observations on the TARA bus, there are different kinds of social interactions used in the society. There were many subcultures and countercultures that wouldn’t have been pointed out, such s the scenario with the young and older ladies with the white guy.

Social deviation and the subcultures therein are an important part of understanding the different groups that coexist in our society. Also, the use of technology is taking over the society by using nonverbal communication. Furthermore, norms were exercised on the bus by letting the older lady sit down and having a spot for the handicap people with their wheelchairs. To better understand these subcultures and norms, we must investigate ad observe different types of buses and could get a better grasp of how the society works.

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