Role: Sociology and Social Transformation

Role: Sociology and Social Transformation

What do you think is the role of the youth in social transformation? Before we go out in the big world we start learning in our home. Our parents teach us values and good attitude. Our parents wants us to be a good and responsible citizen in the society while we are growing. They teach us how to be independent and to fight for our rights. Home is the first school where we learn different things. When we go out and start to see the real world where we meet different kinds of people and different kinds of environment that’s the start of our transformation being a person.

At the young age we have lot of responsibilities and role in our society. Youth plays a big role in social transformation. Where social transformation is the process by which an individual alters the socially ascribed social Status Of their parents into a socially achieved status for themselves. That’s why youth needs to be educated, because education is one of the most important thing to a youth. To finish school and to have a profession and a job, to be a responsible and effective citizen in the society and make their own and start involving homeless in the society.

According to our national hero Dry. Jose P. Racial “The youth is the hope of our nation” (Nag kaftans nag page-as Eng banyan) When we look at this quotation, it simply means that our future solely depends on our younger generations in the upcoming years. The youth of today really plays a vital and influential role in our society and in social transformation. Another role of the youth in social transformation is to be the peace builders or peace educators.

Youth should be educated for humane reposes and social justice, where youth are involved in the transformation of society and the construction of peaceful futures. Youth should know how to fight for their rights and be aware of what happening in their environment. Like for example in the government, they have a big role. Youth are considered to be the Pip’s in our society. The government give much attention, funds and other programs to help the youth, but sometimes the government also uses the youth for corruption. That’s why sometimes youth do become active and involved in different kind of activities.

I believe that the main factor that drives them is they are being used for government crimes and the desire of having a say in the way their future will look like and believing that their actions will have an influence on how this future will look like.

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