Kimi Chand Sociology

Kimi Chand Sociology

When it comes to a child’s education in today’s society race does have an influence on ones educational experience. There is an inequality that is faced by minorities in the struggle to success. In the article by Motto Rich from the New York Times called “School Data Finds Pattern of Inequality along Racial Lines” it compares different races and their achievement in school.

In a study t stated that a quarter Of high schools with the highest percentage Of minorities such as, black and Latino students do not offer any Algebra II courses, and more than a third do not have any chemistry classes. ” Whites have a full range of courses offered while minorities from low-income neighborhoods do not have these courses available. The studies also found that more than 70 percent of white students attend schools that have a full range of math and science courses and are well-rounded.

For minorities, this does not expand their education. The article also mentions that minorities that attend these types of schools also have teachers who do not meet the teaching requirements. The lacks of all of these services does put a strain on our children’s education when it comes to being a minority. Definition of Concept Minorities constantly face inequality in the educational aspect.

In the book Essentials of Society: A Down to Earth Approach by James Heinlein has a incept that “a minority group are people who are singled out for unequal treatment and who regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination. ” This implies that minority groups do face discrimination and are looked down upon in society and treated unequally. The texts also mentions that minorities around the world share the same characteristics.

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