Introduction to Sociology: social scientific and interpretive approach

Introduction to Sociology: social scientific and interpretive approach

Compare and contrast the social scientific and interpretive approach by describing the strengths and limitations of each approach. The social science approach usually only focuses on its direct impact on communication without any regard for societal forces. It can provide useful information about effective strategies for communicating interpersonally. The Social scientific method does not focus on the influence of power or societal forces.

The Interpretative approach has a limited number of participants and it does not Ochs on power or societal forces. 2. Explain demand-withdrawal conflict patterns from the interpretive approach and the critical approach. Demand-withdraw occurs in one of two patterns between marital partners, in which one partner is the demander, seeking change, discussion, or resolution of an issue, while the other partner is the withdrawer, seeking to end or avoid discussion of the issue.

The critical approach would resist any discussion that is in some way emotional to the posse Where the interpretative would almost welcome it and show support and even some other creative aspects of the discussion or question. 3. After reading both articles identify which of the four contemporary approaches to communication described in your textbook is probably used in each of the studies. What information in the article has led you to believe this? Meaning support your belief with information from the articles. 4.

In terms of communication ethics, describe the difference between secrecy ND privacy. Provide a concrete example illustrating each concept. Secrecy would be if you has information about something or someone that the other party is entitled to know and you don’t tell them. It could be something that is harmful the the other party either physically or mentally. Privacy would be like calling your HRS department at work regarding a medical issue, But your direct boss doesn’t need to know what the medical issue is, when it really nothing that would directly affect him or her.

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