Industrial Sociology

Industrial Sociology

Society is a concept and idea. The term society is the most fundamental one in sociology. It is used in very wide sense. In common parlance, the society is to refer to members of specific groups. For example, we speak of Harridan Society, Teachers society and Student’s Society and the like. Similarly, the word is used to refer to Some specific institution like, Brahmas Assam, Array Assam etc.

But in sociology, the term “Society” refers not to group of people but the complex pattern of the norms of interaction that arise among them. People are only the agents of social relationship, they are regarded as things. A society is intangible; it is a process rather than a thing, motion rather than structure”. Society is a web of social relationships, the pattern of norms of interaction by which the members of the society maintain themselves. Some definitions of ‘society’ are given below: “Society is a state or quality of mind I. E. A group of sentient beings”- R. M Member. Society is a co-operation” -? R.

M Member. “Society is the union itself, the sum of formal relations in which associating individuals are bound together’- Giddings. “The term society refers not to group of people, but to the complex pattern of the norms Of interaction, which arise among and between them”- Lappers. “Society is an organized people who engage in co-operation for obtaining common objects or interest”- Giddings. So we can say that, society is a system of usage and procedures, authority and mutual aid, of many groupings and divisions, of human behavior and of liberties. Q. 2. What do you mean by the term ‘Industry?

Industry means any systematic activity carried on by co-operation between an employer and his workmen are worked for the production, supply or distribution of goods or services with a view to satisfy human wants or wishes. In other word’s industry is an organization where the policies of production are made. Such swath to produce How to produce and for whom to produce with an eye to view the market and satisfy the needs of the people. It includes the good relation and behavior between the owner and the workers for Industrial growth. Goof. Also plays an important part in running the Industry smoothly.

According to Bangladesh labor act, 2006, “Industry means any business, trade, manufacture, calling, service, employment or occupation” According to the Payment Of wages Act 1936, “Industry means any establishment in which articles are produce, adopted or manufactured with a view to their uses, transport or sell” Again, from the social point of view, “Industry refers to manufacturing and disposal of manufactured goods”- Egging Schneider In other words, “Industry is a transportation process which changes materials into usable goods and arrives of utility to mankind” Q-3.

What do you understand by the term “Sociology”? Augusta Comet introduced the word “sociology” for the first time in his famous book “Positive Philosophy” at about 1839. The term “Sociology” is derived from the Latin word Socio, meaning ‘companion’ or ‘associate’, and the Greek word logos, meaning ‘study’ or ‘science’. Augusta Comet was a French social philosopher who is generally credited with being the “Father of Sociology’. Sociology is the ordered, logical study of human society and its origins, development, organizations, and institutions.

It is a social science which uses various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis to develop a body of knowledge about human social activity, structures, and functions. Now according to various Sociologists: 1. Augusta Comet: “Subject to natural and invariable laws, the discovery of which is the object of investigation”. 2. Kinsley Davis: “Sociology is a general science of society”. 3. Harry M. Johnson: “sociology is the science that deals with social groups”. 4. Mile Druthers: “Science of social institutions”. . Max Weber: ” Sociology is the science which attempts the interpretative understanding of social action n order thereby to arrive at a casual explanation of its course and effects”. 6. Henry F-arachnid: “Sociology is the study of man and his human environment in their relations to each other”. 7}. Marshal Jones: “Sociology’ is the study of man-in-relationship-to-men”. A careful examination of various definitions cited above, makes it evident that sociologists differ in their opinion about definition of sociology.

Their divergent views about the definition of sociology only reveal their distinct approaches to its study. However, the common idea underlying all the functions mentioned above is that sociology is concerned with man, his social relations and his society. Q-4. What is “Industrial Sociology’? The term ‘industrial sociology includes two terms industry and sociology. ‘The term Industrial means concerning the industry. The word industry is derived from the Latin word ‘industrial’ which means “resourcefulness”. Industrial sociology’ is a branch of sociology that looks at the impact of labor and industry on society, as well as the ways in which society impacts industrial forces. Now according to various industrial sociologists: 1. Delbert C. Miller ND William H. Form: “Industrial sociology is a substantive area Of general sociology which might more accurately be termed the sociology of work organization or the sociology of economy”. 2. Charles B. Spaulding: “Industrial sociology centers its attention on social organization of factory, the store, and the office.

This focus includes not only the interactions of people playing roles in these organizations but also the ways in which their work roles are interrelated with other aspects of their life”. 3. H. Smith: “Industrial sociology is concerned with industry as a social system, including those factors technical, economic, politic) which effect the structure, the functions and the changes in that system”. 4. Pascal. Gibbers: “Industrial sociology is the application of sociological approach to the reality and problems of industry’.

From the above discussion we can say that “Industrial sociology” is a discipline which deals with study and examination of interaction of human in technological change, globalization, labor markets, work organization, and managerial industry: academics, government (sociology of work), practices, business, and religious. Industrial sociology is influenced by current sociological thought. Q-5. Discuss the scope of Industrial sociology? Industrial sociology is an applied discipline. It is concerned with the study Of human relations as they grow and operate in the field of industries.

It concentrates upon the social organizations of the work place or industry. It studies the patterns of interaction between people in terms of their roles in industrial organizations. The scope of industrial sociology are studied by other disciplines of an industrial organization such as-? (a) industrial management, (b) industrial engineering, (c)industrial psychology and (d)economics. A)longitudinal engineering: It deals with the design of products and equipments. (b)longitudinal management: It is more an art than a science, determines the management activities of an industrial organization. C)longitudinal psychology: Studies-?the selection Of personnel, job satisfaction, motivation and incentive to work, team spirit, accident proneness and such other personal matters and behavioral problems. (d) Economy CICS: Concentrates on such matters as-?prices, wages, profits, full employment, finance, monopoly, marketing, taxation, etc. Industrial sociology studies industrial organization not as a technological or economic organization, but more than that, as a social or human organization.

It stresses upon the social or international factors in industrial relations formal and informal organization, team work, communication etc. “When interaction among two or more persons is affected by the fact that one of them is a doctor, a teacher, a plumber, a factory worker, a stenographer, a boss, an employee, a union leader, or an unemployed person, industrial sociology has the raw material before it. ” According to Charles B. Spaulding scope industrial sociology deals with the total organization of the workplace.

It also deals with three different organizations which may be conceived of as distinguishable but interrelated: namely, (a) management organization, (b) informal, organization of workers, and (c) union organization. (a) ‘Management organization’ refers to the relations between management and the workers. It also includes policies, programmers-structure and the functioning of the management. Its main emphasis is on the formal relations developed by the workers with the management. (b) ‘Informal organization ‘of workers consists of informal relations developed voluntarily by the workers themselves.

Such relations are established by the individuals and small groups within the factory or industry. Such organizations assume the forms of cliques, gangs, friendship groups, bands etc. These organizations develop their own informal norms to control the activities of the members. (c) ‘Union organization’ refers to the role of trade unions and the participation or involvement of workers in union activities. Trade unions are playing a vital role in creating industrial unrest and maintaining industrial peace. They also control the formal and informal relations of the workers.

These three organizations of the industry are affected by the physical conditions of the work place, fashions in management thinking, governmental and other social control, the personalities of employees and their experiences in playing roles in other organizations. Q-6: Uses of industrial sociology. Mans: The general purpose of industrial sociology is to study this broad process of industrialization and its impact on various segments of society by applying general sociological principles. Industrial sociology is the application of sociological approach to the reality and problems of industry.

Now we will discuss about the application or uses of industrial sociology. A. The outstanding characteristics Of industry and society are changing day by day because of technological invention. Industrial sociology helps us how to interpret or cope up with this changes. B. The impact of industrialization on a society including its communities and work organizations a t helps Industrial sociology plays a significant role on the external environment of the industry to create responsible citizen and productive worker. C.

The adoption of formal organizations with its rational definitions of susceptibilities and goals. That means it helps us to adjust our goal and duties with its formal structure. D. The adaptive process arising as employees seek to accommodate their personal needs and aspiration to the requirement of work position in a given organization. E. The organizational process that foster morale, teamwork, and productivity. On the other hand, industrial sociology strengthen the human values, beliefs, attitudes, group activity in industry and speed up their performance. . Industrial sociology governs the relationship in work organizations that seek to balance formal with informal o achieve more productive workers. That means the industrial sociology helps the management to maintain a harmonious relationship among the whole work groups within the industry. Ref: Research of Ramadan Gangly Q-7: Nature of industrial sociology. The nature of industrial sociology is evaluation of relation between socio- economic factors and industrial sociology. The nature of Industrial sociology 1 .

Industrial sociology is concerned with general sociological concepts with their special reference to industry that means through the knowledge of industrial sociology we can get the concepts f rational or social behavior in industry. 2. It stresses the social or interaction able factors that are found in industry as a sociological process. It recognizes in this context formal and informal organizations, teamwork, communication etc. As industrial and social. 3. It is concerned with properties of group in general and group action in particular.

So, whenever any group in industry performs a job, it is viewed as a unique task from the viewpoint of industrial sociology where as its properties are viewed in general. 4. It considers industrial conflict, morale and productivity or union organization as social recess. That means industrial sociology has an impact on industry that create some conditions through which we can achieve the workers satisfaction. 5. It deals with various types of action that are found all sorts of social situations. The actions may be rational effective or traditional directed.

The analysis features and consequence thereof on industrial concern is a subject of study fifths discipline. 6. It encompasses social factors in the industry and their interpretative impact on management. 7. It studies the nature of organizational behavior and the relations of industry to society. That means industrial sociology provides some information in relation with organizational structure, system, values, beliefs and industrial relation. 8. It studies the formal social structure of industry as a variant of social system. . It uses sociological technique sues to interpret the industrial phenomenon with due allowances for the special nature of industrial environment. Q-8: Discuss the importance or significance of industrial sociology. There are several importance of industrial sociology. These are as follows: 1 . Interpretation of the work behavior of people: Industrial sociology describes owe the employees and employers will behave within the industry. As a result, the workers are inspired to perform their duties with more responsibilities. 2.

It facilitates the strategy for handing the industrial conflict: Industrial sociology helps the management to develop various of strategies in handing the different types of industrial conflict and dissatisfaction. 3. It facilitates industrial counseling: Any type Of industrial change causes the industrial dispute and dissatisfaction among the worker. Because of their multidimensional 4. 7. Behaviors industry. But the management through their knowledge of industrial psychology helps the workers to change their negative attitude toward the change by proper counseling.

It helps to develop organizational culture and appreciate to a given society: For the rise of industrial sociology the human values, beliefs, culture and attitude are changed. But this industrial sociology’ also helps the industry to set the new rules and regulations in accordance to the social change. Defining individual and group problems: It facilitates addressing peculiar individual and group problem arising out of socio-economic environment. It helps the management to hanger organizational aspect: Industrial sociology helps the management to implement any type of organ sectional change in industry without arising the industrial interest.

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