Gmail Sociology Paper

Gmail Sociology Paper

The one percent determines who at they believe is the best for their tizzies although it may not fit the molds of each individual class. The topic Of social classes seldom discussed although it is a significant feature of American culture and livelihood. Most Americans are treat this topic with great stigma since it down plays the c moon belief that every American has the potential of social and economic equality. Therefore people stray fro m discussing about this since it is not always held in a positive light.

We believe that discussion about social classes will bring a great division between people instead, it does the exact opposite by creating awareness of the probe ms that ensue within each social class. As citizens of the United States our first Amendment rights state that we have freedom of speech and press. Most of the news we receive is nation wide and readily available at our fingertips. T he problem is that there is not a collective consciousness in regards to where our media is coming from.

There are six major corporations that own all Of the media outlets in America and determine what propaganda is apron irate for people to see. Many media outlets cater to the interests of the middle and upper class while casually mar analyzing interests of the working class. Information displayed in mainstream media is often filtered down for the gene real public to digest. Receiving information from the major media corporations are a lot easier than thinking freely and finding knowledge elsewhere.

Simply because nationally acclaimed stations such as Fox are pro eminent does not mean all of their points are accurately projected and thoroughly researched. The majority of the e American population have been influenced to believe that when an advertisement or a business is mainstream m it must be good, resourceful and artful. Enforcing a steady influence on media helps the ruling class and thee r affiliates maintain power by keeping the people in lower classes complacent.

The social construct imposed by the ruling class is fashioned against member s of the working and poor classes and in favor of the middle and upper classes. The workingman’s is significantly affected with limited resources that are readily available for the upper class. The inequalities that exist between the e classes begin with systems such as education where schools in poorer neighborhoods are severely underfeed d. Lacking an enriched education at an early age undermines the full potential working class children could have f or their futures.

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